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What the stars foretell for your Lagna

Aries (Mesha):
You will be strongly attracted to the opposite sex and also sensual pleasures and other entertainment. You are advised to resist the propensity to go to extremes. You are likely to marry or come across your partner-in-life if you are going through the sub –period of Venus in the major Dasa period of Mars. You will acquire much wealth if you are going through the Rahu Dasa period. You would excel in the field of academics or arts.

Taurus (Vrushabha):
Mars- Venus combination in your 6th House would put your integrity to a severe test. You would gain fame and high recognition if you use your skills and capabilities for good purposes. You are advised not to be unscrupulous and narrow-minded an with eye on immediate gain. If you are a student, you would evince a keen interest in your studies. Your children too would do well in their studies. There would be a sharp increase in your income.

Gemini (Mithuna):
The brief period from 5.09 hours on September 9 to 5.02 hours on September 11 is inauspicious for you. You are advised not to engage in activity involving a high risk element like boat rides and practice of martial arts during this period. Problems disrupting your education and causing mental unrest will ease to a great extent after September 30. You would gain fame and high recognition if you are a singer or an actor/actress. You are also assured of career success and a steady source of income.

Cancer (Kataka):
Your gift of the gab- the outstanding ability to win over people through oratorical skills would help you overcome rivals and enemies and ensure your career success. Venus- Mars combination in your 4th House of Libra is very auspicious. You are assured of comforts of a good home and vehicles for easy travel. .Natives engaged in educational pursuits would achieve great success. You should be perhaps going through one of the best periods in life.

Leo (Simha):
The ongoing period would find you full of energy and fired with drive and motivation. You would develop an interest in activity requiring a high intellect and a knowledge of science and mathematics. You have to restrain your propensity to become arrogant and high minded. Saturn in the 2nd House would cause you no serious harm. However, you are advised to exercise great care in all dealings with others given the possibility of incurring heavy financial losses.

Virgo (Kanya):
Mars- Venus planetary combination to take place early September in your 2nd House is auspicious. There would be a rise in your income and happiness in the family. However, you have to pay special attention to the health and safety of your wife at least until October 20. Threats to your residence, your workplace and employment would persist. However, the strong aspect of Jupiter over the Lagna, 3rd and 11th Houses would enable you to overcome problems and ensure a steady income.

Libra (Thula):
Venus, attaining Moolathrikona exaltation in your Lagna on September 1 is very auspicious. The advent of Mars to your Lagna on September 6 too is not inauspicious. You would develop a strong tendency to seek sensual pleasures. Success in business is indicated. You would secure a permanent employment which would assure you of a steady income. But you are warned that you are prone to accidents which could cause you head injuries. You might incur loss of wealth if you are going through the Dasa period of Saturn now.

Scorpio (Vrushika):
Although there is no planet occupying your Lagna now it is receiving the strong aspect of Jupiter and Saturn. The advent of Mars to your 12th House is not auspicious. However, Jupiter and Ravi being posited in exaltation in the 5th and 10th Houses respectively would greatly neutralise the malefic influences. You may gain a very high position in the state sector if you are going through the major Dasa period of Ravi. However, you are advised to take precautions to protect your property from possible damage or destruction due to actions of enemies or natural causes. You are also advised not to get embroiled in disputes and conflicts at least until October 20 this year.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):
The advent of Venus and Mars to your 11th House is very auspicious. Saturn in the 10th House can do no harm as he is under the direct aspect of Jupiter. However, threats to your job and situations that would cause you embarrassment at your workplace could arise occasionally. Jupiter, Venus and Ravi occupying 4th, 11th and 9th Houses respectively in exaltation has placed you in a strong position.

Capricorn (Makara):
The advent of Venus and Mars to your 10th House is very auspicious. You may gain a high position and go abroad on business. There would be also a rise in your income. You may acquire some valuable property. Ravi in the 8th House would not cause any harm as he is exalted in this House. Mercury which is conjunct with Ravi too will cause no harm. However, you are prone to diseases like hemorrhoids. You would come into the possession of sudden wealth if you are going through the major Dasa period Saturn now.

Aquarius (Kumbha):
Saturn would cause you no harm though you are being subject to the Ashtamaya Shani Erashtakaya now. However, your spouse will become subject to ill health if you are going through the major Dasa period of Saturn. Jupiter, the lord of the 11th House occupying the 2nd House has produced a Dhanayoga for you. You can expect a windfall if you are going through the major Dasa period of Jupiter. The advent of Mars and Venus on September 6 and 1 respectively to your 9th House is very auspicious for you and your father. You would stand out as a learned and righteous person.

Pisces (Meena):
Jupiter exalted in your Lagna would bring you wealth, fame and high social status. Venus in the 8th House is not inauspicious, but advent of Mars to this House on September 6 is likely to pose a threat to your spouse’s health and cause you heavy expenses. However, the situation would change for the better after October 20 this year. Saturn occupying your 7th House commanding Dig-bala would endow you with wealth and fame.