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Omaya Kovilagodage

She rose from child tv presenter to newsreader

By Sarasi Paranamanna
As much as we are familiar with teledrama stars, we are familiar with news presenters who we see everyday coming into our living rooms with daily news reports. Omaya Kovilagodage is one such face we are very much acquainted with. Omaya has cut her teeth as a newsreader in the field of electronic journalism for over seven years. The Nation had a chat with this well known personality to enlighten our readers about this young lass on the screen.

Receiving her primary education from Minuwangoda Nalanda Girls’ School, Omaya had attended Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo, to pursue her secondary education. Since her childhood days she had been engaged in announcing activities. While she was schooling she had joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) and had been involved in ‘Lama Pitiya’. Through ‘Lama Pitiya’ she had got a break to participate in other children’s programmes like ‘Lama Ranga Peetaya’. Enhancing her skills and talent Omaya had worked in several other radio stations including ‘Swadeshiya Sewaya’ and ‘Welanda Sewaya’.

While she had been employed at the ‘Pavana’ radio station, one of her friends had told her to apply for a newsreader’s position at Sirasa TV. That is how she is now familiar to us through Sirasa TV as a news presenter.
Speaking about her current work, Omaya said that she is working as a line up subeditor apart from newsreading at Sirasa TV. Working in a news room and having to keep herself updated with every occurrence around the country, Omaya leads a very busy lifestyle. “It is a part of my life now, and going in search of news stories everyday is familiar to me now. So with the familiarity I balance my personal life with my busy professional life. My career has become my life,” explained Omaya.

She enthused that she loves reading books and watching movies during her free time. Undertaking the responsibility of delivering news reports to the general public Omaya says the job requires a lot of hard work and commitment because she has to be alert and active every minute while she is on the job to bring out the rich essence of news happenings to the viewers.
“The most unforgettable incident in my career life is the Tsunami incident. I was the first one to report the Paraliya train accident and it really was a miserable incident,” said Omaya explaining about her experiences in her career life.

Speaking about her family, Omaya said that her husband is employed at ETV as an executive officer. “My father, M.W. Sirisena is a pensioner who used to work as a deputy post master general, and I also have a brother and a sister,” said Omaya cheerfully. Lastly, this pleasant personality shared her future dreams with us. “I am hoping to stay in the current company I am working and climb up the hierarchy ladder and I am also planning to study Human Resources as a subject. Other than that I am looking forward to lead a happy life while balancing my career and my personal life”, said Omaya.

Pix by Ravindra Dharmathilake

YES Superstar make it an evening to remember

Recently, the British School Auditorium became the springboard to the metamorphosis of eleven individuals who use to be known as YES Superstar Contestants.
After that evening, they were no longer simply YES contestants or finalist --- they were known by NAME:
Ra’na Farouk took hold on the microphone first with her very infectious ‘Everytime’. A very pop number reminiscent of pre-scandal clad Britney Spears.
Shane Wilhelm followed with ‘Breathless’ proving that there is more to him than just the ‘lady killer’ from Wellawatte.

Kept company on stage by his beloved instrument – the guitar – and sporting a gravity defying mohawk, it was Jeremy McShane’s turn to ‘Take Me Higher’.
Amy Martinesz track ‘Light Up’ truly lived up to its title. Lovers of house/dance music simply got caught up in the varying beats and husky/sexy vocals of the ‘never say die’ YES lady
Mr. Superstar Geeth Prasanna’s first time on stage clearly showed the ‘Sign’ why he is the one driving the car and rightfully owns the title of YES winner.
It was a “Ridiculously Rolling” experience when Sureshni Perera occupied the center stage and impressively straight out delivered the song that contained quite a lot of tongue tightening ‘R’s’. It was simply ridiculous in a good way.

The second time he took the stage, Shane decided to give his track ‘So Blind’ a more acoustic approach anchoring on the great playing of two guitarists and his vocals that sang of a love that sees no wrong.
She may have left the competition early but Thilinee Silva proved that she could hold the audience captive in the palm of her hands with her smooth groove that was ‘Something Right’.
Definitely worth the YES tag “the last female standing.” Jameela Sadikeen went all out with her maiden performance of ‘What’s Your Game’. The groove of the song, the moves, the look and the energy made the audience feel – if this is a game… I am playing

Looking dashing in jeans and suspenders, Joy De Alwis – the boy who is now turning into a gentleman – flew everyone to love land with ‘Superman’ - a song that will definitely swoon a lot of hearts.
‘By Your Side’ a very common title for a song but when it was Kavya Kankanange’s turn to bring it to life --- powered by lyrics she wrote herself, the common title became the line for an uncommon song. The words were poetic, the melody crossed the lines set by normal tonality but the end result was beautifully distinct.

Bubbly as ever - Ruwanthi Ileperuma was in the right place armed with the moves despite feeling that ‘We Can’t Get By’. The audience was there too to see her get through it as well.
The evening ended with Geeth Prasanna ‘Walking Away’. It was a performance that most did not expect. During YES Superstar, Geeth was the crooner, the balladeer but on that evening, he made his real music passion come through. The soul that rocked his being was unleashed and in the end everyone walked away without a doubt why he won and why the programme and the CD too end with his song.
The CD launch was in all a new experience.
First the fact that every single track was original - in this day and age when practically every song is a remake or a sampling – 13 original tracks in a compilation is unheard of.
Second, hearing every single song performed live accompanied with an AV presentation that took everyone to each artist’s journey.

Finally, the guest performers were of another standard. The fusion masters known as Triloka, the male vocal ensemble that most recently made the country proud at the World Choir Games – Voice Print and dancers Royal Warriors, who despite the limited space delivered a performance that made people gasp in awe and believe that even in the paradise island hip hop/street dancing has a string hold.
The YES Superstar Original CD was a project that a lot of people believed to simply remain a dream but on the night of August 14 that dream was realised --- so with 11 individuals who are no longer YES contestants…
They are now artists...

NOTE: YES Superstar: The Originals CD available at Vibrations and www.me.lk


King Khan’s infectious charm leaves Deepika speechless!!

Deepika Padukone, who is no more a newbie in the film industry, still finds herself tongue-tied whenever she happens to be with or come across the Bollywood badshah Shah rukh Khan.
“Just met SRK… and while he was talking, all I did was sit quiet and listen. This always happens to me! Every time I think I am going to meet him and I have soo much to say… then one look at him and I blankout!! uuufffff!!” Deepika tweeted after meeting SRK.
SRK tweeted: “Met three beautiful women. Deepika, Kareena and Shahana. I got such warm wonderful hugs from them that I still smell the youth, beauty and talent from those hugs.”
Deepika made her entry into Bollywood with SRK’s ‘Om Shanti Om’. Since then she has worked with a number of stars like Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan, but her awe and admiration for King Khan, has not waned yet.

Shriya too getting ready for retirement

Kollywood do business only with girls who are young and have their skin shining. Old aunties like Trisha, Shriya, Nayanthara etc., are compelled to retire and this is a retirement cum marriage season for them.
Nayan has competed all of her acting and soon will settle with Prabhu Deva.
Trisha is into all sorts of controversies and seems will be out of acting but will not settle with a marriage.
For Shriya, her parents are on the look out of a proper alliance - searching for a broad minded man for their daughter.

Sneak-Peek of ‘Thank You’….

Wooww!!! Check this out… Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Celina Jaitley, Sunil Shetty, Bobby Deol and Rimi Sen, all together in director Anees Bazmee’s next comedy film Thank You. Sounds fun and interesting…
‘Thank You’ is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film produced by UTV Motion Pictures. The movie is set to release in April next year (2011). Some scenes in this film are being shot in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.
Looks like, once again Akshay is going to hog the limelight with his perfect comic timing. Joining him to tickle our funny bones would be his crime partner Sunil Shetty and Irrfan Khan who is also known for his surperb comic sense and timing. The last pic seems like Bobby and Sonam play siblings in the film.
Here is a sneek peak of Bazmee’s next upcoming flick ‘Thank You’.