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‘Tikiri Suwanda’ Bringing uncle on right path

‘Tikiri Suwanda’ now showing at EAP cinemas including Savoy

The child named Tikiri lost his parents and was taken into the custody of his mother’s aunt called Rosalin. The only other person in that house is Baby, Tikiri’s mother’s brother. He is uneducated and also a miser. Tikiri cannot not live happily, in this house because of his uncle’s ignorance.
Another couple called Alponso and Jesmine become familiar with the inmates of this house along with another person naned Chandare. They live in a separate house owned by Baby. With this combination of people, Tikiri faces a lot of difficulties.
Alponso is a cunning person. Baby hails from a reputed semi ‘Walawwa’ family. He is a “show off”. Alponso takes mean advantage of Baby’s weaknesses.
Alponso comes to know that there is a gold statue in the house which is an ancestral property.
Alponso manipulates a way to steal this statue with the help of Chandare. Alponso somehow steals this statue.
The same day, Baby had a dream and the following morning he goes to Alponso’s house to find out the effects of the dream. Taking mean advantages of the situation, Alponso says that keeping Tikiri in the house will create adverse effects and makes him to believe that the statue was also stolen by Tikiri. Baby returns home and assaults Tikiri.
When Tkiri could not bear up the cruel attitudes of Baby, he runs away from home and goes to the temple in the village. Tikiri’s grandmother also comes to know that Tikiri is in the temple. With the help of the priest and other friends, Tikiri’s idea is to bring his uncle Baby to a good path in life.

The cast

Baby - Jayalal Rohana
Rosalin - Ramya Wanigasekera
Tikiri - Malisha Samaratunga
Alponso - GiriraJ Kaushalya
Chandare - Sarath Chandrasiri
Rodney Warnakula, Anula Karunatileke, Priyantha Seneviratne, Duleeka Marapana, Sarath Kothalawala, Anura Bandara Rajagura, Saranapala Jayasuriya, Upeksha Swarnamali (Paba), Pramudhi Karunaratne, Pramodh Mihiranga Weerasiri and Nirda Uyanhewa form the cast.
Child actors - Kalana Gihan, Santhush Dilhara, Nayani Kaushalya, Randhi Ushara, Thakshika Anjana, Supun Chathuranga, Sandun Sudharaka, Tharaka Premasiri.
Songs - Nanda Malini, Senanayaka Weraliyedda, Rodney Warnakula, Tharshana Madawa Perera.
Lyrics - Rev. Rabukana Siddhartha and Bandula Nanayakkarawasam.
Music - Rohana Weerasinghe
Camera - K. D. Dayananada
Editing - Ravidra Guruge
Story and Dialogue - Lal Pagoda Arachchi
Sounds - Aruna Priyantha Kaluarachchi
Assistant Director - Priyantha Pathirage
Make up - Nimal Rajapakse
Dancing Director - Kulasiri Budawatta
Executive Producer - Kanthi Weerasiri
Production Manager - Lionel Gunaratne and Sumith Prasanna
Art Director - Sumithi Kudaligama
Illumination - D. D. S. Srilal
Still Photography - Mahesh Nishantha
Media Coordination - Rohana Siriwardana, Prem Dissanayake, Yapa Bandara Seneviratne
Production Script Direction - Sunil Aruna Weerasiri.

Await Dhammika Pushpakumara’s Pem Mandakini

Well known singer, actor and stunt director Dhammika Pushpakumara took flight recently to Russia to do his third visual for the song Pem
The technicians and other dancers, who took part in this visual, were Russians while many top locations were beautifully captured on camera while doing the project. The production team spent Rs. 1,500,000 on this task.
Pem Mandakini is going to be a love song and it is under the editing process these days. Dhammika’s fans would get the opportunity to see this visual over the television and internet very soon.
The lyrics for Pem Mandakini is done by Kelum Srimal, music direction done by Milan Fernando, sung by Dhammika Pushpakumara, co-directed by Rajitha Hiran and Olge Stnkskiy (Russia), dance performed by Dhammika Pushpakumara, Vidim Sychevkiy, Tany Ryabinina, Natalia Marinreko, Tofik Sulemanor, Pavel Bykov, Dens Nikolaev and Vladimir Zaboloskiy.
The stunt direction for the visual was done by Dhammika Pushpakumara and Vidim Sychevkiy.
Meanwhile, he has also being invited to perform his songs from his CD Adara Kathandare at two musical events held in Moscow.
Earlier Dhammika Pushpakumara had done visuals for songs such as Ayda Ma Mese and Sithagawa Thanirakina.
A special situation to all three visuals is using action stars to perform stunts according to the background story and lyrics of the songs.
A DVD of the three visuals is expected to be done in the near future. The arrangement of the fourth visual is still in the making and will be filmed in Germany and Sri Lanka.
Dhammika specially thanked Igor Sysoer and restaurant Sen of Time in Russia.


Aishwarya not comfortable with steamy scene in ‘Guzaarish’ with Hrithik

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan share a sparking chemistry on-screen and their steamy lip lock in blockbuster Dhoom 2 had created stirs nationwide, so much so that father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan had the makers of the film delete the scene.
Once again, Bachchan Bahu is in a dilemma for her forthcoming release Guzaarish with Hrithik again has a steamy scene between the two actors which could create an uncomfortable situation for her when the movie hits the screens. Sources reveal that Aishwarya has had a debate with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali over deleting the scene from the film and though the filmmaker is not sure whether or not to have it removed from Guzaarish, chances are there that the hot and intimate scene would be removed in the best interests of everyone.
Now, whether the interest of the leading lady wins over the interest of the film is all to be waited and watched.

Karthi, the ‘Rocket Raja’

Karthi is playing a dual role in his upcoming film Siruthai and the name of one of the characters, according to circles very close to the unit, is ‘Rocket Raja’ which is said to be a ‘very lively’ one.
Revealing more secrets, the sources say: “Rocket Raja is a petty thief who with the company of his aide (Santhanam) cheats the gullible. The character is full of comedy but only till the interval.”
“When the second half begins, the film will go to the action block and the other face of Karthi would be revealed. His second role in the film would make the audience whistle non-stop,” they further say.
The movie is directed by Tollywood filmmaker Shiva and produced by Studio Green has Tamannah opposite Karthi.
“If everything goes as planned, Siruthai will come out roaring this year end,” add sources.
Sonakshi Sinha is flying higher and higher…

The Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha is one lucky female who got a chance to debut with Bollywood’s heartthrob Salman Khan and now she will be seen opposite the stunt hero Akshay Kumar. The film in question is Shirish Kunder’s 3-D movie, Joker.
Sonakshi Sinha is thrilled to share screen space with Akki so early in her career. If everything falls in the right place then this would be Sonakshi’s second project with Shirish, the first being ‘Kick’ opposite Salman Khan.
A source close to Sonakshi said, “Sonakshi is thrilled to be a part of a 3D film so early in her career. Shirish and Akshay have already briefed her on the subject.”