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Police ordered to expose porn stars

Regarding the above news item appeared on the front page of an English daily, I hope that all these videos had been scrutinised in depth by the experts in digital technology, videography, IT, etc. to ensure that these have not been doctored/’photoshopped’ (or any other latest hi-tech methods used in editing these images so that these look undoctored).
As otherwise, the innocent will be made scapegoats and made to pay the price and the actual culprits who ‘acted’ in these video footages may go scot-free.
Whilst the court ruling is to discourage youth committing these nefarious activities in the future, I wonder whether negative side of this ruling had been looked into.
That is, it is possible that some of those, who are going to get exposed, may even commit suicide.
Even the parents or the close family members may be forced to do so for being placed in such an embarrassing situation.
For the rest of the others, their future is at stake and will be a psychological suffering throughout their lives for the blunder they have committed for pecuniary motives and other worldly benefits.
The better option is not to release these to the public though the court has decided otherwise!
I presume the court ruling can be annulled if there is an appeal against this verdict supported by a detailed rationale of the adverse repercussion this will have overall on the miscreants and others in their family circles if implemented but carry out a mega-campaign to educate the masses of the danger and the problems one has to face for taking part in these pornographic video shoots.
Mohamed Zahran


Allow tax exemption without discrimination

The pamphlet issued by the Tax Department to complete the tax returns provides an exempt of interest up to Rs200,000 on deposit accounts maintained in banks other than the interest received from private commercial banks.
Pensioners, for convenience, make deposits in private commercial banks mainly because of their physical condition and the close proximity of the bank branch to the residence.
The deposit accounts, where the total interest is below Rs 200,000, cannot be accounted with large deposits and thus the interest exemption should be allowed even for accounts maintained in private commercial banks without discrimination.
Since the government considers the private sector as vital for its development activities, the private commercial banks should receive equal treatment in all state decisions.
Thus, the Finance Minister/Finance Ministry should reconsider its decision and allow the tax exemption to private commercial banks
The writer’s gross tax payment for the previous period amounted to Rs4,470. This was mainly because of the interest received from a private commercial bank provident fund deposits and includes the state institution pension payee tax of Rs 2,848.
The department should consider giving up maintaining tax files for persons other than those engage in business activities whose annual tax payment is less than Rs 15,000.
The banks will be relived in the onerous task of issuing certificates.

Pensioner tax payer


Rude behaviour of private bus conductors

I am a daily commuter, travelling from Thotalanga to Mattakkuliya on Route No 178. On October 11, 2010, I got into a bus at 6.55am from Thotalanga and I paid the standard fare of Rs.9 to the conductor.
Although there was a notice saying that ‘travelling without a ticket is punishable’, the conductor did not issue me a ticket. I occupied the front seat.
A few minutes later, the conductor came to my seat and asked for money. I told him how many times I had to pay you!
He did not listen to me but started shouting at me in some filthy words.
We, the commuters, what can we do for such type of conductors?
Over to you, the Minister of Transport.



Are we all destined by fate?

We are all embraced with fate,
When we have been brought forth by birth,
Emerged from our mother’s body,
Destined to meet fate in ‘river of life’.
Take you where it wishes and where it will
Fate, the power to control our destiny,
This power generates from previous ‘karma’
The results obtained due to past actions,
If destinies sets apart for a purpose,
Settled the future, that power is the fate!
We are told after death our souls,
Goes and begins the next cycle of life,
According to ‘karma’ deciding which place,
That person is fit and proper to go!
As life goes on, we feel our inner power assists us,
Inner wisdom brings great power from our souls,
Yet, not knowing what it would be like in next life.
Whatever happens regarding as inevitable,
A process of catching a person unprepared!
Understand the first noble truths,
You will grasp the essence of any religion,
Need to understand life lacks lasting satisfaction.
This vision is broad enough to exist,
Until you realise all things do come to an end!
We are all destined by fate,
No one can be born without destinies and fate,
This is what sparks my ‘special interest,
Been doing it, but long way to go!
Can we believe in the possibility,
That we could isolate planetary patterns,
In family horoscopes that represent,
Hereditary weaknesses and instead,
PLAN a baby’s birth to avoid it?

Ashley Weerasooriya


Canal repair delayed

The Dummalamordara canal rehabilitation project in the Beruwala electorate has been abandoned halfway by its contractors due to unknown reasons.
This has caused a lot of hardships to paddy cultivators.
The water of this canal irrigates thousands of acres of paddy field at Pambe, Makegoda, Payagala, Maggona and in the end it runs through the estuary to the sea in Maggona.
More than 10 million rupees has been allocated for the renovation work of this project by the government but to the surprise of the farmers, the work has come to a standstill abruptly.
The farmers have made frequent complaints about this matter to the responsible authorities but they are dead silent.
If this project is not completed before the next rainy season, it will cause a disaster for the farmers. Hence the kind attention of the Irrigation and Water Management Minister is drawn for prompt action.

C M Kamburawala


Prof Nalin de Silva deserves service extension

In the recent past, I read a few articles on the extension given to the professor on the deanship of the university, criticising it and some written by he himself on the subject.
My recollection is that he is one of the very few who had a consistent view on the ethnic problem and dealing with LTTE as far as I can remember.
Another is S L Gunesekara.
Their opponents branded them as fundamentalists/extremists being unable to meet their arguments in any other rational way.
My personal opinion is that Prof Silva is the most brilliant mind we have in this country today and as usual this country does not know the value of really valuable things and start squabbling due to petty jealousies.
As the famous engineer, Dr A N S Kulasinghe once said, the rules are there to be broken only for good reasons!
If there is such a law, as some people seem to point out, I am glad the government transgressed it and from a government which felt that LTTE could be defeated, nothing but this is expected.
If somebody thinks all doctorates are on a par - may be so for the meritocracy - he/she is sadly mistaken.
It is likely that he is the only one of its kind in the country at present.
Well done; at least sometimes decisions are taken in the best interests of the country.

Konara Wanigasekara



Dr (Mrs.) Sumana Weerasena

Noble lady with a heart of gold

With her untimely demise on September 5, 2000, Dr (Mrs.) Sumana Weerasena has left a void in the Kollupitiya landscape which will take a long time to fill.
Every patient of hers soon became her close friend and she loved to go on chatting with them with no concern for the time taken.
Her moderate charges continued to remain moderate over the years and it was with some visible diffidence that she accepted even these charges. She simply liked people.
As a poet said:
“Then said a rich man, Speak to us of Giving.
And he answered:
You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
And there are those who give and know not
pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor give with
mindfulness of virtue;
They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes
its fragrance into space .
Through the hands of such as these God speaks,
and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth.”
Excerpts from ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran
I salute the memory of a noble lady with a heart of gold.

A grateful patient


Are we proud enough?

The fickleness of sports fans is common to all nations and Sri Lanka is no exception.
But have we ever considered the high echelons we have reached in cricket and the hundreds of reasons we should not have?
Unlike in Australia or in the UK, not all our young players can talk his parents into spending forty thousand rupees for a basic cricket kit and to bear the costs of making his mark through what is clearly a time consuming and long-drawn-out training.
On the other side of the coin are numbers – our 20 million pales against the sheer options of India and Pakistan where the law of averages should see them producing exceptional cricketers like the assembly line at Toyota.
Yet we emerge, again and again, performing with persistence and commitment – here an exceptional spinner – there a captain with eloquent confidence.
Here a slinger who is unplayable and there a tail-ender who will carry us through.
Our achievements in cricket over the years, in the light of the above, are nothing short of a miracle.
We need to remember that we think of switching that TV off or lambasting them at the office tea room. ‘Katha kerela wadak naa, Machan’ must be replaced with ‘I am sure we will do better the next time’.
They give us that extra joy of being a Sri Lankan and that is a commodity that no amount of money can buy.

Athula Senanayake


Some of his significant sayings
He says, “Each one of us is blessed with hidden divinity”.
Bhagawan, the living God radiates loving kindness to suffering humanity
In his compassionate presence you forget your unfortunate debacles
Mentality great physical charisma abounds countless miracles.

Even as a child revealed exceptional brilliant wisdom
He says, “Do not attempt to see me in your external eyes at random”.
My mission is to grant you confidence joy and courage
To drive away weakness ‘n fear, never never, to discourage.

He says, “Do not condemn yourself as forever sinners
Sin is a misnomer, really haphazard errors.
Even the hardest heart can be softened gently gradually”.
So that divine can sprout there in earnestly peacefully.

He says, “there’s only one religion unsullied Kindness ‘n Love”.
All religions are rivers leading to the endless ocean of Love”
He says above all serve mankind sans dire discrimination
Mankind a single community, each a separate delegation.

Built in India, run by private donations, schools, colleagues a central university
For male ‘n female students admitting thousands yearly with many an opportunity
His educational programmes mould noble stable character for human life
He says to lead a fully human ‘n spiritual meaningful life.

He says, “in the depth of silence, the voice of God can be heard”.
But watch thoughts, actions heart, character and words
He says you don’t have to change your religion to follow me
Follow the truth of your religion, I can guide thee”.

On your 85th birthday, a milestone significant, in sincere felicitation,
I pay my humble obeisance in pure dedication
May you live long healthily to uplift man from erroneous path!
Living saviour, may you stir divinity in each, to the righteous path!

Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon




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