Iconic traditions and tallest Christmas Tree at MLH

As Mount Lavinia Hotel’s theme for the season is based on iconic traditions it is no wonder that the celebration of St. Lucia, the patron saint of light, is an important part of their festivities.
As its General Manager Anura Dewapura stated, “While St Lucia’s Day is celebrated differently in different countries, its message of light and hope resound with all who participate in the day’s festivities”.
With regards to seasonal offerings the Mount Lavinia Hotel is packed with many forms of entertainment and sensational festive menus that will add on the true meaning of Christmas. The hotel’s Christmas celebrations kicked off on November 25 with the lighting of the Christmas tree and an evening dedicated to iconic traditions, with Sri Lanka’s best in celebrity voices of Voice Print, who rang in the Christmas season.

This year’s Christmas tree is estimated to be the tallest ever tree to be lit in the country. It will be around 30 feet tall and will be made with environmentally friendly recycled materials. The hotel will also be offering the traditional Christmas drinks such as eggnog, Glüh wine and Kokito as well as other festive beverages from the around the world.
On December 1 the hotel will take on the theme of ‘Christmas around the World’ which will be the focal point of all its seasonal celebrations and which will be depicted in all its restaurants. This year Santa Claus will make his visit to the hotel by boat and every Saturday the hotel will come alive with Christmas carols which will be sung in different locations of the hotel’s properties with the voices of Voice Print and Vocal Essence from December 4 to 18 respectively.

On December 13, the hotel will celebrate St. Lucia’s Day, a popular festival mostly celebrated in Northern Europe proclaiming the message of light and hope. This festival will be celebrated in style with traditional music and other delicacies at the Governor’s Roof Top.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will also offer the very best menus and celebrations all conjured up by the European Food specialist Chef Mats.
Following Christmas Day the hotel will host a gospel jazz brunch with traditional gospel music by the Soul Sounds.

The hotel is also gearing up to host a special New Year’s Eve celebration where the well known band ‘Misty’ will be performing at the Empire Ballroom. Also a special party will take place at the Governor’s Terrace which will include a musical entertainment mix of jazz and blues and will take on a mardi gras like ambience typifying New Orleans: non-stop party, night does not end till daylight, not just steeped in history but sautéed in it, etc.
In addition to this the hotel’s Seafood Cove will offer a five course seafood dinner where the night will come alive with classical music and the seafood experience will be nothing but the best.
All this and more will be offered by the hotel this festive season, so if you are looking at celebrating a culmination of Christmas festivities with a difference and hosting a potpourri of flavours from around the world then Mount Lavinia Hotel should be your number one choice this season.


Five-star weekend family package at Ceylon Continental Hotel

Luxurious weekend and full access to Colombo’s attractions for only Rs12,500/- for you and your entire family is now offered by the city’s first five-star hotel.
From the city breaks to beach destinations and everything in between, Continental Weekend getaway package is on offer until December 31, all geared up to treat you and your family with a tempting and an enjoyable weekend of first class service and relaxation.

Located in the heart of Colombo, the hotel’s guest rooms offer picturesque views of the Indian Ocean, Harbour, Galle Face Green and the city’s coastal skyline. Depending on the preference the hotel is equipped with ample alternatives for families of varying sizes and requirements. Early check-in is allowed from 8 am and families can make use of the package until 8 pm on Sunday.
Blending together with an array of dining options at most highly regarded Continental restaurants, lavishly invites you to experience casual and fine dining to satisfy your taste buds at your preference. Special reduced rates are on offer exclusively for Continental Weekend guests on food and beverages.
In addition to half priced buffet and food platters customised for your entire family, a ‘Happy Hour’ pricing is also provided for all beverages served throughout the weekend.
The package features free usage of the swimming pool, onsite gym, squash courts for you to unwind, workout and enjoy.

A special four hour double décor city tour is organised for the entire family or for your kids free of charge. The Colombo city itself, one of South Asia’s rapidly developing hotspots, offers a fusion of attractions which guests can pick and choose for a weekend full of entertainment together with your family.
For those who yearn for more choices, additional options are also bound. Treatments and services at the Continental Spa are offered at 50% off rate. Those looking to sit back and relax will be treated to evening magic shows. Guests drawn to exuberance will enjoy the presence of a live band at the heist bar and a DJ at heist poolside on Saturday nights.

Upon arrival, continental weekend guests are welcomed with a free box of chocolate by producing a continental weekend package leaflet to the front office. Under the patronage of the Hayleys Group, Ceylon Continental Hotel welcomes all of you to come and experience a fun filled weekend with your family. This would also be a great opportunity for you to treat your friends and loved ones with continental weekend package vouchers apart from the traditional hamper concept for the forthcoming Christmas just around the corner. For further clarifications, call 542 1221.


Pirates of the Caribbean Kiddies’ Camp at Cinnamon Lakeside

Bringing a sense of adventure to learning, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo holds the second consecutive Kiddies’ Camp themed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Sunday November 28. Building on the overwhelming interest created by the Halloween Kiddies Camp held recently, the hotel promises even more excitement with the Pirates of the Caribbean Kiddies’ Camp.
Hot on the heels of the announcement of Pirates of the Caribbean sequel ‘On Stranger Tides,’ the Kiddies’ Camp already has the pre-teens buzzing.

Children aged 12 and under, are welcome to join in the fun as the little Pirates embark on a treasure hunt.
In keeping with the original edutainment concept by which the Kiddies’ Camp was founded, clues that lead to the treasure will be intellectually stimulating as well as exciting to decipher. Children will be encouraged to work in teams to arrive at the answers, each one taking them a step closer to the elusive treasure.
This November’s Kiddies’ Camp will feature the extremely talented Sulochana Dissanayake, who studied theatre and economics at Bates College where she was first introduced to puppets as an art form. She draws inspiration, not just from her subsequent travels to South African and Indonesia, where she studied under Puppet Maestro Dalang Asep Sunandar Sunarya, but also very much from Sri Lankan folk tales. She never fails to amuse her audience with these tales related through custom crafted puppets of Mahadanamutta and his friends, some of whom are characters of her own invention!

She is back in Sri Lanka now to cultivate the art and will be featured at Kiddies’ Camp beginning this month. The puppets keep children enraptured and prove an ideal medium to convey many a valuable lesson. This segment at the Sunday camp involves a close interaction between Sulochana, the puppets and the children where a story-telling exercise will be conducted, appealing to the children’s creative spirit. The kids will also be given other outlets to channel their creativity towards, with arts and craft games for which they will be rewarded with gifts from the hotel’s own treasure chest.

It’s not all fun and games and Cinnamon Lakeside’s Kiddies’ Camp. There will be plenty of food to snack on for kids and parents too! The buffet will include hot dogs, mini pizza’s, burgers, marshmallows, éclairs, ice cream, chocolate cake, as well as a Mongolian BBQ for adults. The entire package of interactive entertainment and lip smacking snacks is priced at Rs. 950/- nett for kids below twelve and Rs, 1,200/- nett for adults. Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis, and will be required for all children and adults who wish to gain entry to the event.
The event begins at 11.30am and continues until 3.00pm at the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo Poolside. Reservations will be entertained on 2491998.


Sri Lankan Specialities at Cinnamon Lakeside’s Hopper Night

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo invites guests to bask in warm Sri Lankan hospitality at Hopper Night.
Once a month, the hotel hosts a Hopper Night, featuring Sri Lankan cuisine at the poolside garden of the resort like city hotel.
Spicy and flavoursome, the local dishes comprise a variety of hoppers, from crispy plain hoppers and egg hoppers to an innovative stuffed adaptation filled with a choice of savoury fillings. The buffet is not limited to hoppers as the theme of the night suggests, it continues with an array of Sri Lankan mains such as Pittu, Rotti, Kotthu Rotti and string hoppers.
A selection of accompaniments will be prepared to complement this special evening. Tripe curry, locally referred to as Babath curry is often paired with Pittu whilst Fish Ambulthiyal, a sour dry preparation of fish, is enjoyed with Hoppers or stringhoppers together with Chicken curry, fried cuttle fish, white potato curry and a host of other curries which will also be on offer.
Guests at Hopper Night will be privy to a selection of Sri Lankan sweets. Lavariya, Dodol, Milk Toffee, Kokis, Kavum, Asmi, Halapa, Mung Kavum, Coconut Rock and Banana Fritters, amongst many other treats, will grace the dessert counter. In true Sri Lankan style, guests will be served a ginger tea at the end of the meal, which is best enjoyed over a hearty chat with fellow diners.
Keeping guests entertained throughout the night will be a calypso band and a troupe of Kandyan dancers. The band will make its way around playing songs on request.


Galadari brings special seasonal offers

The Galadari Hotel Launderette known for his superior quality standards and service offers a bonus for all their regular clientele.
We at the Galadari Hotel will begin the season with super discounts on selected items of men’s wear, ladies wear, school uniforms and on household linen. This special promotion will be carried out throughout the season to the beginning of January giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy the season of Wining and dinning and leaving the cleaning to us!
From November 15 to January 10, 2011
Special seasonal offer
02 nos. suits OR 03 nos. trousers and 05 nos. shirts- 25% discount
06 nos. shirts and 04 nos. trousers -20% discount
02 nos. evening gowns - 25% discount
05 nos. sarees – 01 no. saree free
Washing and dry cleaning
Household linen
03 nos. bed sheets and 06 nos. pillow cases - 25% discount
05 nos. towels - 25% discount
05 nos. lace curtains -20 % discount
10 nos. cushion covers -20 % discount
02 nos. table cloths and mats -20% discount
Heavy curtains – (washing) special rate -Rs. 750/- nett each
Heavy curtains – (dry cleaning) special rate Rs. 1000/- nett each
Washing and dry cleaning in four days
School uniforms
05 nos. frocks @ Rs. 100/- each
03 nos. frocks @ Rs. 130/- each
05 nos. shirts and 03 nos. short trousers @ Rs. 600/- nett
05 nos. shirts and 03 nos. trousers (long) @Rs. 750/- nett
Washed and pressed within two days


Jazz at the Hilton Colombo!

Karl Katz ensemble with lady jazz singer Friedrike Alexandra will perform from December 17, 2010 to January 9, 2011 at the Thorana Lounge on Sundays and from Tuesday to Saturday at the hotels “Colonial Style” pub The Echelon Pub.
German born and a popular figure from many years, Karl Katz and his band will serenade you with contemporary jazz music with a Christmassy touch. The latest addition to the band is Friedrike Alexandra Brck.
Friedrike got in touch with music at a very early age after her parents who are professional musicians. At the same time she had her first contact with theatre as well. “Music was my first language” she said. She also plays different instruments, including violin and piano. Friederike was trained at the UdK Berlin at the musical compartment and in Hilversum (NL) at the jazz compartment. Friederike Alexandra Brücks’ repertory is impressively extensive including jazz, musical, chanson, Latin, blues, pop, soul and gospel. She has been playing with a lot of distinguished musicians such as Martin Werner, Manfred Dierkes, Manfred Kullmann, Michael Gechter, Wolfgang Köhler, Reggie Moore, Thibault Falk, Marc Löwenthal, and many others.
The other talented artistes in the band are Erich Abshagen, Stefan Alfred Thimm and Manfred Kullmann along with Kar Katz himself.
For more details and for reservations, please call the Food and Beverage office on 2544 644.