HSBC Colombo Fashion Week 2011 at Hilton Colombo next week

Bigger and bolder…

Pic and text by Shabna Cader
The countdown has begun yet again for one of the most anticipated and glamorous event of the year – the HSBC Colombo Fashion Week 2011.
It is scheduled to be held on February 4, 5 and 6 at the Grand Ballroom, Hilton Colombo.
This year’s event will be bigger, bolder and better than before with 22 Sri Lankan fashion designers and labels coming together with 12 reputed international fashion designers for the scheduled three consecutive days.
“We started this event with just three local designers and this year we have 22 so Colombo Fashion Week has gone from strength to strength. 2011 will have the strongest line-up yet. This year we’ll be having a few workshops scheduled focussing on fashion and designers. The evenings will obviously host the fashion shows. We will also be launching the ethical fashion week on the second night of the show. This will be a unique aspect to this year’s fashion week and something to certainly look forward to,” said Ajai Vir Singh, founder of Colombo Fashion Week at the recently held press conference.
Nick Nicolaou, the HSBC chief executive officer for Sri Lanka and Maldives, was also present at the press conference.

“On behalf of HSBC we are all delighted of being a part of this for the fourth year. This is more than an international fashion show; this is an event that brings the glamorous world of fashion to Sri Lanka. We are always looking for opportunities to give our customers a truly global event and this certainly allows that but also allows uplifting the local fashion industry. More importantly it will showcase young, new and talented fashion designers. This will certainly put Sri Lanka in the forefront of fashion design. I have no doubt that the glamour glitz and fashion will be experienced this year as well and we look forward,” he stated.
This will be the sixth edition of Colombo Fashion Week and Consultant for the event Prasad Bidapa highlighted on the fact that there is more talent, brilliant new and established designers making a tremendous impact.
“The country is well on its way in its into becoming the hub of fashion in South East Asia. The ethical fashion week will be based in Sri Lanka for the very first time and that fact alone is also extremely important. Even India has not being able to do this so it’s very important for Sri Lanka to be doing this,” he added.
Hilton Colombo general manager Jerome Auvity expressed his support by giving an insight to what the hotel will have in store during the fashion week – from fashion menus in each of the restaurants and the fashion pyramid, Hilton Colombo is gearing hard and well for the HSBC Colombo Fashion Week.
The Hilton Colombo will also be re-launching and opening the Blue Elephant during all nights of the show.
The HSBC Colombo Fashion Week is a not-for-profit event that is committed to uplifting Sri Lanka’s fashion design industry.

It aims at guiding and incubating young and potential designers and creates retail and marketing opportunities for established and new designers by providing a platform to interact with reputed and much sought after international designers, members of the media and independent retail buyers.
It is also an initiative that deals with the related fields of local fashion retail, crafts and workshops that include the batik, Beeralu and weaving communities in the country.
In 2010, HSBC Colombo Fashion Week MOU’s with five international fashion weeks went into successful implementation.
As a result of this, handful Sri Lankan designers got the opportunity to showcase their unique collections at these prestigious events.

It has even been called South Asia’s only international fashion week because it has designers from other countries and MOU’s with five other fashion weeks.
In additional to the regulars of the event, there will also be some local and international fashion designers including Acushla, Pearly King, Sarani, Alecca Carrano and Dimitris from Italy, The Ultra from Malaysia, Suneet Varma, Gaurav Gupta, Samant Chauhan, Masaba from India and Laskala from Russia respectively.
The workshops to be conducted this year are partnered by the British Council and will have Sally Denton, Managing Director, The Trend Boutique (UK) Ltd speaking on how trends work, how to identify trends, how to approach buyers, indentifying markets, key areas of running own labels etc.