Results in Maha Dasas and Antar Dasas - Maha Dasa of the Moon - 10 years

Part 73

By A.S.Fernando
Maha Dasa of the Sun is followed by the Maha Dasa of the Moon. For those born under the constellation of Rehena (Rohini), Hata (Hasta), and Suwana (Sravana), Maha Dasa of the Moon would come into operation at birth.
The duration of the Moon Maha Dasa is 10 years and the length of this Maha Dasa to operate in the case of a newborn would depend on the remainder of the constellation at the time of birth.
Waxing Moon is considered a benefic and the waning Moon a malefic.
The waxing Moon would look after the subject like mother with great affection and concern. She would provide the native with good food, a good home and comfortable vehicles.
However, a weak Moon would help the malefics to harm the native and she herself would harm given the opportunity.
Therefore, the results of the Moon’s Maha Dasa greatly depend on the strength of the natal Moon. A weak natal Moon could cause the death of wife, mother and sisters during her Maha Dasa.
Results of Antar Dasas in the Maha Dasa period of the Moon
Moon’s Antar Dasa in the Moon’s Maha Dasa - 10 months
Those unmarried, if in the marriageable age, would marry or find a partner. Among the other results are: Developing a love for Music, enjoying the company of refined people, journeying to holy places, sound health, acquisition of vehicles and lands, the birth of a girl child, and general prosperity.
Antar Dasa of Mars: - 7 months
The main results are: Heavy expenses, pursuit of sensual pleasures, disputes and quarrels with the spouse, loss of money and waste wealth, troubles from brothers and friends and loss of blood.
Rahu’s Antar Dasa - 1 year, 6 months
The results of this Antar Dasa are: Dangerous diseases, loss of reputation, heavy business losses, scandals, danger from thieves, poisons, danger to father and mother, being compelled to live in the forest, ill-health of wife.
Antar Dasa of Jupiter – 1 year, 4 months
This is a favourable period. The results are: Increase in wealth, high returns from business ventures, and birth of a child, gains from friends, relatives and superiors, patronage of rulers, plenty of food and comforts, residence in a new or renovated residence.
Antar Dasa of Saturn – 1 year and 7 months
This is a bad period. The results are: Wife’s death or separation, mental unrest, ill-health, troubles in digestive system, loss of peace of mind, disruption of studies and quarrels with relatives.
Antar Dasa of Mercury - 1 year, 5 months
This is a favourable period in general. The results are: Success in academic, literary and business efforts, gains from maternal relatives, intellectual attainments, honours from rulers, and general happiness. If the natal Moon and Mercury are debilitated, appendicitis, abscesses in intestines and anxiety are in store.
Ketu’s Antar Dasa – 7 months
This is an inauspicious period. The results include loss of money, falling into disgrace and disrepute unjustifiably, sickness, loss of property, danger to father, mother and children, heavy business losses, and fall into debt.
Antar Dasa of Venus – 1 year, 8 months
An auspicious period, unexpected gains from spouse, fame and good reputation, a rise in social status, high profits from businesses, and happy family life.
Inauspicious for spouse, if the weak Moon and Venus are in Taurus at birth.
Antar Dasa of the Sun (RAVI) - 6 months
If the natal Sun, or the Moon is in the 12th, 1st or the 2nd House, the subject would invariably suffer from an eye disease. This would happen when the Sun is transiting in the 6th House. If the Sun and the Moon are strong in the natal chart, material and political success are indicated. The other results are prosperity and general happiness. If both planets are weak, danger to mother and father, piles and loss of children and friends indicated.