Remembering Gamini

The 75th birth anniversary of legendary actor late Gamini Fonseka was commemorated last Monday, March 21. Stars of the film and entertainment scene, who had closely associated with Gamini, were gathered at a get-together organised by Gamini’s children at the Golden Mile Restaurant on the Mount Lavinia beach


Twenty-eight days to optimal health

By Shabna Cader
Do you think you’ve got a steady hand over your life? With the entire world moving at a fast pace, and towns, cities and communities bustling about on their own, it is tough thinking you want to slow, take a deep breath and take care of yourself. Suddenly amidst the chaos, you wonder where the dark circles appeared from, maybe even the endless headaches and migraines. Sometimes it could be experiencing hair fall, stomach and skin issues. It all comes down to one thing – you cannot over-work yourself because at some point it’s going to take its toll on your health and body.
Detox28 is a wellness programme designed for people waiting to get healthy and feel healthy with the right food and habits. The brains behind this programme are Michelle Jones, an internationally-certified Iridologist, currently living in Colombo, Sri Lanka and practicing Iridology, Nutrition & Wellness Consulting at Revival Physical Medicine Centre in Colombo and Barbara Avossa of Regina Margherita (Italian cuisine family flavours).
Michelle is the creative genius behind creating the most simplest and holistic solutions specially tailored for an individual’s foundation, based on what their eyes reveal. In short, with her solutions she is able to provide her patients with an opportunity for a complete lifestyle makeover.
The wellness programme is ideally designed for people in just 28 days without a hassle; known to be one of the best programmes that people can participate in even from their very own homes. So when it comes to optimal health from the food, snacks and drinks you have on a daily basis, leave everything to Barbara who will mix, mince, blend, cook and bake and deliver it hot and fresh right to your doorstep! Menus are pre-planned and sorted under Michelle’s guidance of course!
So how does the programme work? The introduction, follow-ups, and finalisation will all be done at Regina Margherita and several other drivers of the programme will be designed around an individual’s home. The powerful combination of the duo, one a wellness and health consultant and the other a great food and beverage expert, in return have created a powerful, effective and satisfying programme that will work wonders on everyone. They both stressed on the fact that there are no such places and services available in Sri Lanka; health spas include weekend detox and/or week detox but no place teaches how to effectively continue the programme thereafter. With the Detox28 it’s simple – focussing on a month long programme with added guidance from both Michelle and Barbara, will allow the individual to absorb the information, learn it and continue to keep it up even after the programme is over.
It’s important that Sri Lankans take care of themselves and fall into a pattern of a healthy lifestyle. Barbara has created a special menu to cater for the participants of this programme taking into consideration all the requirements of a healthy meal. Michelle has seen, tasted and approved the meals for this programme. All the meals will be cooked with Halal and organic ingredients, when and if available in Sri Lanka, such as lamb, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.
The entire range of lunches that will be delivered to the individual’s home or office, and all the meals will be cooked following healthy Italian recipes and prepared only with extra virgin Italian olive oil.


Crowning glory for beauticians

The 14th annual National Awards of the Sri Lanka Association of Hairdressers and Beauticians (SLAHAB) will take place on April 3 and 4, 2011 at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo.
As the largest and sole national level competitive platform for hairdressers and beauticians to display their talents, the National Awards opens its doors for all professionals in the field. “The purpose of this event is to unite the entire beauty industry and to give equal training and opportunities to all; young and old, qualified or non-qualified, in line with the highest professional standards,” said Nayana Karunaratne, Founder President of SLAHAB, adding that, “the National awards represents all communities and individuals.”
The two-day competition will include 12 distinct categories – Fashion on Long Hair Day Style, Fashion on Long Hair Gents, Trend Cut Ladies, Trend Cut Gents, Nail Art, Elegant Evening Hair Style, Bridal Hair Style, Bridal Make Up, Fantasy Hair Style and three Junior categories for those aged below 25 in Bridal Hair Style, Elegant Evening Hair Style and Bridal Make Up. In addition, the 2011 National Awards will also include a special Colour Trophy sponsored by L’Oreal for all salon staff skilled in hair colour.
Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be chosen in each category with awards and prize money presented to each while the L’Oreal Colour Trophy will be presented to a single champion along with prize money. All participants will receive special gifts courtesy of SLAHAB.
Providing much more than a competitive stage, the National Awards will be an opportunity for participants to develop themselves. The rules of competition and judging criteria will be maintained strictly according to international standards and special training demonstrations will be conducted for competitors, during the event as well as beforehand every Monday and Tuesday in Colombo. Recognised talent will be given the opportunity to gain training and be a part of the international competitions to be held in 2011 by the Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC) – the world’s biggest beauty organisation – including the OMC Championship to be held in Milan and OMC Asia Cup in Okinawa.
All foremost hair and beauty professionals in the country will be gracing the event, making it an opportunity for all amateurs to display their talent to the finest expertise.
The event will further encompass a buzz of activity through out both days with hair, beauty and fashion related trade stalls, events and fun filled audience competitions. The 14th annual SLAHAB National Awards is sponsored by Renew Hair Colour, Earth Essence, Glamours, L.A. Girl, L’Oreal Professional and City & Guilds while media sponsors are Derana and Nawaliya.
Registrations close on April 1. For further information contact SLAHAB on 0112596221.


Genelle shoes; for ladies who deserve best

In this day and age, it’s evident that the shoes a lady wears say a lot about the wearer. Keeping this in mind, there is a brand of ladies footwear that ensures that every Sri Lankan woman can walk confident and tall. ‘Design, elegance and comfort’ are the attributes of Genelle footwear, the trendy footwear brand in the market today. What is most important is that all Genelle shoes are painstakingly hand crafted in Sri Lanka to international standards, and the loyal Sri Lankan woman should be proud to be associated with this brand.

Known for unique and trendy shoe designs, the Genelle showroom located on Duplication Road, boasts of uniqueness in its own right. The moment you walk into the showroom you are amazed by a variety of shoe deigns, ranging from trendy flats and sandals and comfortable and practical office wear to fashionable party wear with dizzy heel heights and current styles in stunning unique colours. What is more, all this is offered at the most affordable prices, where customers are free to peruse the variety of designs in one of the most spacious shoe shops in town.

Once a shoe of your desire is picked, with of course the assistance of the most helpful and friendly staff, you would try on the shoe seated on a giant pink foot for a sofa. The management set up this flagship showroom with one thing in mind and that is that ‘Ladies deserve the best’. That’s why all the staff is well trained and supervised to ensure that every customer is treated as special.

It is noteworthy that the brand Genelle is a result of many years of manufacturing experience which commenced in the back yard of a family home. This cottage business has developed over the years into a fully functioning factory employing approximately 50 staff. The company boasts of a trained design department which turns out the bold and trendy designs you find in Genelle showrooms.
The Genelle flagship store celebrated one year of opening on March 18 and offers all customers discounts and surprises on account of the anniversary.