Hand tells tales, but does not lie

The main lines on the palm What the line of Apollo or Sun says

By A.S.Fernando
The line of Apollo or Sun has no fixed point of origin nor is it found in all hands.
The Sun Line is found rising from various points in the hand. In most cases, it rises from the plain of Mars. It also rises from the Life line and Mounts of Luna and Mars. In some hands, this line ends high up on the Mount of Sun and in some other cases it does not reach the Mount.
Some well known palmists say that the Sun line should be looked on as a sister line of the Fate Line or a second line to the latter. Palmists generally agree that that the Sun line cannot exert its influence if there is no fate line.
The points of origin of the Sun line as observed by competent palmists are as follows:
1) Mount of Venus
2) Life line
3) Mount of Mars
4) Head line
5) Mount of Moon or Luna
6) The wrist ( near bracelets rascettes)
7) Mount of Mercury
8) Heart line
General indications
The Sun line indicates the capabilities, fame, intellect, artistic aptitudes and the financial prosperity of the subject. The length of the line determines the extent and duration of its influence. The longer the line the more effective it is.
The character of the Sun line
The clearness, depth and evenness indicate the strength of the qualities of the line.
Broad and shallow and chained lines signify the defects of the line. Breaks indicate setbacks in the career. If the line ends in a Dot, it points to loss of reputation. Ending in a star indicates brilliant success.
A deep bar or a cross terminating the line reveals an insurmountable obstacle at the close of life. The line ending in a square is favourable for it signifies the protection of the subject from all troubles indicated by the defects of the line. The line ending in a fork tells that the subject is highly talented and his skills cover many disciplines. A well marked trident or a star ending the line tells of wealth and fame achieved through the use of talent and intellect.
Positions of the Sun line and the results they signify:
1) Sun line originating from the Mount of Venus: Financial prosperity, having several mistresses in addition to wife. The subject becomes rich after marriage.
2) The line starting from the Life line: The subjects are great artists. They are emotional. They amass wealth through works of art.
3) The line originating from the Mount of Mars: The subjects would gain high position in the Police or in an armed force. They achieve success through perseverance.
4) Sun line starting from the Head line: Subjects are intellectuals, scientists and philosophers. They are highly respected.
5) The line rising from the Mount of Luna or Moon. Subjects achieve success after marriage. They are emotional and kind-hearted. They love pomp and grandeur. They often create and maintain a false environment around them.
6) The line commencing from the wrist (bracelets or rascettes): Successful businessmen and great writers. They invariably gain wealth, respect and high position.
7) The line originating from the Mount of Mercury: The subjects are successful actors.
8) The line rising from the Heart line: The subjects achieve success despite obstacles they have to face early in life.