What the stars foretell for your Lagna

(For the 1st quarter of May 2011)

By Sudarshi

Aries (Mesha)
Natives should be going through a period of anticipation, hope and anxiety during the first three days of the week, which can be likened to the darkest hour before the dawn. Most of your troubles and worries would begin to disappear from May 3. May 3 would also mark the beginning of a period of hectic activity. You can look forward to an increase in income and promotion to a higher position. Two favourable planetary combinations – Sun and Mars and Mars and Jupiter - due to occur in the Lagna will greatly enhance your stature and status as well. However, your health can suffer and therefore, you are advised to take adequate precautions to protect your physical and mental health.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
You are going through a very favourable period. Your income will go up. Meanwhile, new sources of income will open up. Friends in high influential positions will help you attain goals in life. There is a strong possibility that you would leave home for a distant place if your natal Sun is in the 12th House and if you are running the Maha or Antar Dasa of the Sun, you will definitely travel abroad possibly to take up residence. Saturn, the lord of the 9th House occupying the 5th House is very auspicious. Literary or academic efforts will bring you wealth and honours.

Gemini (Mithuna)
The present planetary positions indicate that you are going through a very favourable period. Venus- Mercury combination in the 10th House, a Rajayoga had it been natal, assures you of a rise to a high position if you are employed, and big profits if you are in business. You are also a beneficiary of the rare auspicious five planets –combination in the 10th House. Saturn, the lord of the 9th House now occupying the 4th House can give you foreign travel. You will gain much wealth, fame and recognition if you direct yours energies in the correct direction.

Cancer ((Kataka)
You too are going through a very favourable period with lords of your 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Houses transiting in the 9th House of Pisces. The Sun, the lord of the 2nd House occupying the 10th House commanding Dig-bala is another favourable position. Saturn in the 3rd House and Rahu in the 6th House protect you from the machinations of enemies and rivals. The natal Mars and Jupiter combination in the 9th House would produce a powerful Rajayoga. Now that this combination has occurred in the 9th House in transit, natives would certainly benefit from it in a great measure.

Leo (Simha)
An exalted Sun in the 9th House of fortune, assures you of high status and high recognition from superiors. Mars and Jupiter due to enterthe 9th House on May 3 and 8 respectively would produce a favourable effect similar to that of a Rajayoga if you are running the major or Antar Dasa of Mars or Jupiter. However, you are advised to pay special attention to your safety at least until May 3 as you are prone to accidents and injuries requiring surgical treatment.

Virgo (Kanya)
The present planetary positions are unfavourable to you. The 7th House is not favourable for any of the four planets now in transit in it. The Sun now in the 8th House too is not favourable. However, as the Sun is exalted, the harm he could cause is minimal. Travel from country to country is indicated. Natives running the Maha Dasa of Rahu would be compelled to leave home and live in separation from the family for a short while.

Libra (Thula)
The four-planet combination in the 6th House produces mixed results for you. You are prone to phlegmatic troubles and lung diseases. However, Mars in the 6th House would help overcome enemies and obstacles. Rahu in the 3rd House would counter malefic planetary influences to a great extent. The period from May 11 to 14 is very auspicious and a favourable landmark event may occur during this period.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Your status and stature will suffer a setback after May 3, possibly due to the death of a person who had been a pillar of strength to you. However, you would continue to enjoy the patronage of a person possibly holding political high office. You might suffer from skin diseases and other ailments which defy diagnosis. if you are running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Jupiter.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
You are entering a very favourable period in life with Jupiter and Mars and Sun producing a rare auspicious Yoga in your 5th House. Had this yoga occurred in your 5th House at birth, you would be a great person holding a very high office today. Although planets have produced this yoga while in transit, you would still greatly benefit from it by way of fame, wealth and career success.

Capricorn (Makara)
Venus and Mercury in the 3rd House produce a very favourable yoga which would be a Rajayoga if the planetary position had occurred at Mars and Jupiter moving over to the 4th House assures you of family happiness, home comforts and acquisition of new property. Rahu in the 12th House, Jupiter, and the lord of the 12th House moving over to the 4th House indicates postponement of a plan to go abroad or to a distant place. Those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Saturn will certainly come into sudden wealth and fame.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Mars and Jupiter, the lords of your 11th and 10th Houses moving over to the 3rd House of Aries is very auspicious. These planetary positions will bring you increased wealth and brighten your career prospects. Venus, the lord of the 9th House now in transit in the 2nd House too assures you of wealth and high status. Rahu in the 11th House will counter malefic planetary influences and Mars in the 3rd House will help you bend rivals and enemies to submission.

Pisces (Meena)
The rare favourable period you are having will begin to lose its shine with the movement of Jupiter now in the Lagna to the 2nd House of Aries by May 8. Although the exit of Jupiter would cause a setback in your status and reduce the aura of your personality, you will still benefit by way of an increase in income. Venus, the lord of the 8th House and Mercury, the lord of the 4th House now in transit in the Lagna assure you of continued home comforts and an inheritance or financial benefits from your spouse.