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Sri Lanka pressurised for a political solution
Osama bin Laden is the creature of US belligerence. What was the casus belli for the war in Vietnam? Was it not a spurious claim that it was intended to suppress Communism? Is not Communism, the child of unbridled, vicious exploitation by the rising economies in West-Europe?
Victims of the war in Vietnam still languish. A feeble, spiritless generation of human beings is abound there in that hapless country where mulattoes beg for a meal! Victims of the cruelty that animated the ruling hierarchy in the USA while the Church judiciously looked askance, preaching that God will look down on those who suffer. Mighty America stands on land plundered from the Red Indians. Thereafter, US history is a consummate tale of murder, theft, robbery and pillage.
Pitiably, the EU and the Church watched as Iraq, once known as Mesopotamia, which once nurtured a pre-eminent civilisation, was laid waste to gain access to cheap mineral oil for its industries. Mineral oil sustains life in the Middle Eastern regions but the grasping US economy spurned any amicable deals with those who they derogatively refer to as Moors, despite their primeval history and pristine culture that supersedes that of West Europe.
President George Bush having said: “God is on our side” as a message to the nation overran Iraq having spread the falsehood that the country harboured ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and thereafter brazenly beheaded its leader Saddam Hussein and proudly circulated pictures of the leader cowering in a pit to avoid detection. Thereafter, the execution was imperiously put on TV for the world to know how stupendous, prodigious, shattering and mind-boggling the might and mightiness of America was. That is the culture that guides the leaders of ‘Mighty America’. Then, are not the leaders of the US dyed-in-the-wool Terrorists?
The LTTE is the offspring of a race searching for sovereignty. Though near 80 million Tamils are spread over the world, the race has been denied a state. The home of the Tamil of Dravidian stock is South India but the motherland spurns the race, though India brazenly expects.
Sri Lanka, a speck of land in the Indian Ocean hanging like a tear drop from India, to permit space for the establishment for a sovereign Tamil State in North Sri Lanka, therein is the rub.
Generous Sri Lanka accommodates the Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Sinhala majority as equal citizens. However, the Sinhala majority is being pressured to grant space for a ‘Political Solution’, which as political observers predict is the steppingstone to the struggle for Tamil sovereignty. Lanka’s position in the India Ocean has attracted the US that hopes to dominate world trade. Being centrally placed on the shipping routes the country will soon be a force to be reckoned with. It may appear to be the country’s misfortune, but it is unlikely that the Nation will succumb; for its long history shows that though challenged it does not submit! The incumbent President is Lanka’s King Dutugemunu who will make Lanka the home of the Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Sinhalese, spurning Political Solutions which will precipitate antagonisms which warmongers will welcome!
Neil Jayawardena


Repercussions of bombarding Libya

The Western states that are bombarding Libya profess to be Christians. It is obvious, however, that they are completely ignorant of the contents of the Bible. Their military might have fooled them to believe that they can play God. Jesus Christ gave the reason for man’s all errors – “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” (Mt. 22.29).
Paul in his letter to the Romans clearly states the duties of a Christian towards the state authorities.
Everyone must obey the state authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission, and the existing authorities have been put thereby God. Whoever opposes the existing authority opposes what God has ordered; and anyone who does so will bring judgment on himself (Romans13.1, 2, - Good News Bible).
In the Old Testament, the Book of Habakkuk states the under noted which is appropriate to the actions of the bombarding Western states.
Wealth is deceitful. Greedy men are proud and restless - like death itself they are never satisfied. That is why they conquer nation after nation for themselves. The conquered people will taunt their conquerors and show their scorn for them. They will say, “You take what isn’t yours, but you are doomed! How long will you go on getting rich by forcing your debtors to pay up?”
But before you know it, you that have conquered others will be in debt yourselves and be forced to pay interest. Enemies will come and make you tremble. They will plunder you! You have plundered the people of many nations, but now those who have survived will plunder you because of the murders you have committed and because of your violence against the people of the world and its cities.
You are doomed! You have made your family rich with what you took by violence, and have tried to make your own home safe from harm and danger!
But your schemes have brought shame on your family; by destroying many nations you have only brought ruin on yourself. Even the stones of the walls cry out against you, and the rafters echo the cry.
You are doomed! You founded a city on crime and built it up by murder. The nations you conquered wore themselves out in useless labour and all they have built goes up in flames. The Lord Almighty has done this. But the earth will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory as the seas are full of water.
You are doomed! In your fury you humiliated and disgraced your neighbours; you made them stagger as though they were drunk. You, in turn, will be covered with shame instead of honour. You yourself will drink and stagger. The Lord will make you drink your own cup of punishment, and your honour will be turned to disgrace (Habakkuk 2.5 - 16 Good News Bible).
Now the world can watch in awe as the repercussions of the hypocritical actions of these Western states begin to unfold before our eyes.

Upatissa Attygalle
Colombo 7


Retribution visited US for Iraq attack

The world was flabbergasted when ex-President George Bush of the US declared war on Iraq, though unprovoked. There was no casus belli to destroy the Mesopotamian civilisation that continued in Iraq led by Saddam Hussein.
Iraq teetered on peaceably, but George Bush who oiled his industrial empire using mineral oil that gushed out from the soil in Iraq and the Middle-East decided that trading with a Moor, a godless infidel was unwelcome and prepared the ground for a military attack on hapless Iraq, by declaring that since God was on his side and he had information that Saddam had a store of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ he would unleash his Security Forces to bring Iraq to heel.
Despite Saddam’s protests and investigations by the UN and the absence of any weapons, he ordered war on Iraq, and his idling arms industry was activated. Victims of that onslaught still abound as beggars, while those taken prisoner are being utilised for scientific exploration and experimentation replacing guinea pigs. Some are in Guantanamo as prisoners who serve the sex need of the Yankee soldiers. Retribution visited the US for the attack on Iraq resulted in the twin towers in Washington being bombed on September 11 by pilots serving Islam commanded by Osama Bin Laden. Tit for tat.
Segu Mohamed


When the bowler sends the ball in the field
His line and length is accordingly placed
Each over, six balls delivered and faced
¬To face the ball the batter is then braced

The batter’s job is to face the bowling
Other side’s wish to see all wickets falling
This when done when playing the game kept in mind
Worth much more than a win or loss to find

Now when ‘out’ the batter has to go ‘in’
New batter is out ready for facing
When a wicket falls it’s time for the call
For a new batter to face the next ball

While the game is played scores seen on the board
Its second team’s turn when other has declared
Pleasing and satisfying the watching horde
When appealed, Umpires word is final word

Even Third Umpire’s verdict depicted
Time now for either team to take the lead
While batting and bowling is taking place
Enjoying by watching is the populace

Clarence Silva


Dangled to a dongle offer?

Last Saturday, around 11:45 a.m. I went to purchase a dongle for my son as the mobile company as part of their Avurudhu sales promotion was offering it at a special price of Rs.2,990.00. I was given a token and when it came to my turn, it was 12:15 p.m. I had to produce my ID and the sales assistant told me that my name was not legible and asked me whether he could have my company ID to prove my identity. As I didn’t have it at that moment, I had to return home to collect my passport.
When I went to this mobile company again with my passport, it was around 2 p.m. Once again, I was given a token and requested to take a seat although I explained to the person issuing the token that I had come in the morning and that there was an issue with my ID. When I said I was not happy with this procedure and that I wanted to make a complaint, I was directed to the sales manager who was also equally helpless and (sort of helped me!) by asking me to go to the outlet located in the reputed department store in Town Hall saying that I could just get it in a jiffy, as there would be only one or two customers.
But I decided to not to go to the department store as suggested by the manager as it would take some more of my time. Would you believe me, if I say that it took about 45 minutes (in addition to half an hour spent in the morning) to purchase a dongle. When I left the premises, I told the manager that I will write to the papers about the customers being kept for a long time, he just smiled and that’s it. Is it, this sort of customer care that this mobile company offers its clients?

Mohamed Zahran


Tribute to Murali

You were like a great warrier
When you went round the cricket grounds
Accompanying your dear friend Sanga
On the day you said good bye
To cricket and cricket lovers

You started as a small boy
At St Anthony’s College Kandy
You took a great interest in cricket
When you took Malini teacher
By her hand and practised
Throwing the cricket ball

You practised cricket under coaches
Sunil Fernando and Alfred Coorey
You became the schoolboy cricketer
Then joined the Tamil Union Cricket side

Your performances were outstanding
When you were placed in the National side
You had a great long carrier
With a lot of ups and downs
Yet, you never gave up
And became the world best bowler

Your soft-spoken and humble smile
Has taken you a long, long way
Murali – you are an example
To the whole nation and sports
To say Good Bye to the nation
With your unbroken record
That will exist for a long, long time
Congratulations and all the best
To our young lion Murali

Edward Wijeratna


Name Pallekele Cricket Stadium after Murali

The Kandy Municipal Council has passed a resolution to name the Pallekele Cricket Stadium as Kiriella Cricket Stadium considering the pioneering efforts he made to promote and commence the stadium at the time he was a minister of then governing party. Currently, all projects are named after a politician not withstanding that the funds expended were tax payers’ money or borrowed funds to be repaid later, not even the name of the place is considered. There was the time where a politician’s name was used only long after their death.
In respect of Pallekele, the writer’s letter was published in a newspaper on October 14, 2010 suggesting that the stadium be named “Muttiah Muralidaran Cricket Stadium” in recognition of his singular and unprecedented achievement of bringing international respect to our country. Two paragraphs are quoted from the writer’s original letter, considered adequate to name the stadium after Murali.
“Thus, the request is made to the President to name the Pallekelle Cricket Stadium as the ‘Muttiah Muralidaran Cricket Stadium’ as a lasting tribute for his unprecedented achievement. He was born, educated and gained his knowledge on cricket in Kandy. He has displayed with his infinite patience, ethical conduct that without being aggressive cricket could be played in a respectable and decent manner and without humiliating and annoying the opposition.”
“The writer is not from Kandy, has never met Murali and has seen him more on TV than even on the cricket field and the appreciation is for his princely conduct in the field and demonstrating his mastery of the skill of spinning completely baffling many batting maestros.”
In addition to naming the stadium after him, generous appreciators could create a fund to erect a life-size statue with his bowling action at the entrance to the stadium and a museum to house some valuable photographs and if he consents some of the awards he had received. Perhaps his school old boys association could take the initiative with the assistance and the support of the sports organisations in Kandy.
A very few sports personnel have gained international recognition and placed the county to receive the highest accolade from distinguished sports personnel all over the world. The other two are the late Duncan White and Susnthika Jayasinghe with their Olympic victories.
Writer believes that the President and the Minister of Sports will accept the proposal and Kiriella will also agree and announce his consent.
Kasi Silva


English Manuscript Competition winners not released

I am writing this letter with reference to the “Open English Manuscript Competition” to which entries were to be sent before April 15, 2010, to the Director of Cultural Affairs.
However, so far the results of this competition have not been released.
When I made inquiries, an official from the Cultural Affairs Ministry informed me that due to financial constrains, they are not in a position to publish the winning entries of this competition.
Incidentally, I have submitted my entry for the above mentioned competition, a collection of poems titled “The Crisis of Civilization.”
However, I came to know unofficially that my anthology has won the second place in the category of poetry from this competition.
Naturally, as expected I was very much disappointed, for finding a publisher for a manuscript of poetry is always going to be a difficult task.
Anyhow, I hope saner counsel will prevail and the results of this manuscript competition will be released without further delay, even if the Cultural Affairs Ministry cannot under take to publish the winning entries of this competition.
I here by humbly appeal to the Cultural Minister and as a last resort to the President to look into the affected writers’ grievances, for it has already become a nightmarish experience, as far as yours truly is concerned.
I am looking forward to witness a miracle in the form of a positive development, enabling to solve this crisis, which has affected many writers, whose manuscripts have the audacity to make the grade.

Ranjan Amarasinghe



Fr Claver Perera

Thank you for your ecumenical vision.
The certainty of death has removed from our scene Fr Claver Perera of Blessed Memory.
Fr Claver left Peradeniya 50 years ago the year I joined what was used to be a very liberal and enlightened University. Therefore, I have known Fr Claver for 50 years.
During these 50 years, amongst other matters I remember two features.
When as the Dean of the Anglican Cathedral in Colombo I had to get a new organ for the Church. It was Fr Claver who bought the old organ. I had no hesitation in selling it to him because he was going to repair the organ and make music for the good of the people.
A mutual Peradeniya friend asked me to handle a funeral with Fr Claver.
Despite the differences between the Church of Rome and the Church of England that evening at the Jawatte cemetery both of us stood together to handle the funeral.
This spoke volumes for Fr Claver Perera’s ecumenical mind for which I will be eternally thankful to God.
In a divided Church and broken Sri Lanka, we will miss Fr Claver. When I went to St Mary’s Church Bambalapitiya to pay my last respects and participate at the Requiem Mass for his life at All Saints Borella and thereafter stood at Kanatte to say goodbye to Fr Claver I was thanking God for Fr Claver’s life and work.
That evening with the sky blue, the sun settling and the moon waxing with the St Mary’s and St Peter’s choirs in attendance we bade sad farewell to the only Peterite past student Rector of our times. Thank you for your ecumenical vision. May your soul rest in peace and rise in glory! Amen.
Sydney Knight




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