Planets can say whether you will marry early or late or not marry at all

By Sudarshi
In countries in the East like Sri Lanka and India where divorce, separation or a second marriage is frowned on, marriage is considered the most important event in one’s life. Marriage is looked on as something sacrosanct. In fact, there is a general acceptance that one’s real life begins with marriage, a turning point in life for the better or worse.
Marriage assumes such unique significance; a successful marriage is considered a synonym for the success in life. We know either through personal experience or acquired intimate knowledge that failure in marriage also means failure in life.

Success of marriage
There is a belief in Sri Lankan society that the success of a marriage depends more on the woman than on the man. One may argue that this statement is a fallacy and that both wife and husband are equally responsible for the success or failure of marriage.
However, due to common belief that the qualities and character of the female partner greatly accounts for the success or failure of a marriage, the Buddhists and Hindus have come to attach a great significance to obtaining a reading of the horoscope of the bride- to- be to ascertain whether she would make a virtuous and devoted wife.

Ancient Maharishis
What ancient Vedic astrologers have said about women in their great works has lent strength to the belief that the female partner is greatly responsible for making a marriage success or a failure. For example, ancient Indian Maharishis have said that marriage to a virtuous woman would nullify all Arishta yogas her husband is subject to.
According to principles of Female Horoscopy, a woman is very fortunate if Moon and Jupiter as well as Mars and Venus are strongly posited in her horoscope. It is equally important to have the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 9th Houses are free from malefic influence. Of course, it goes without saying that the Lagna, above everything, must be strong. The best planet to occupy the Lagna of a female is Moon.

Marital happiness
If there are benefic planets in the 2nd House and the lord of the 2nd House is either associated with benefics or aspected by benefics, the woman would lead a very happy life after marriage.
The 3rd House of the `Kama’ Triangle in the Natal Chart too is an important position where marriage is concerned. A benefic posited in the 3rd House aspecting the 7th House is very favourable. If the 3rd House is ruled by a malefic and is occupied by another malefic and aspected by other malefics while the lord of the 2nd is associated with malefics, husband would not live long. If the 11th House is also affected in a similar manner while the 2nd is also afflicted, a similar fate would befall the husband.

Malefics in 7th
Malefics in the 7th House and the lord of the 7th House associated with malefics would delay the marriage. If either Jupiter or Venus aspects a strongly posited Mars occupying the 7th House, the female would be a voluptuous beauty who would marry a powerful person occupying a position of authority. If an afflicted Mars or a weak Mars in the 7the House is aspected by a malefic, marriage would either break up or would be plagued by constant quarrels between wife and husband.
It is a well known astrological principle that if Rahu is posited in the 7th House of a sign whose Navamsa is owned by Saturn in the Natal Chart of a female, both her husband and children would come to a tragic end. A girl would grow up into a charming and beautiful woman if Moon is exalted in her horoscope. An exalted Moon in the 7th House signifies a successful marriage.

Different roles
It is Mars and Venus who are responsible for bringing about an early marriage. The role of Jupiter and Moon is to ensure that the marriage would become a success. Saturn and Ketu would delay the marriage. Rahu and Sun would either delay or quicken the marriage falling in line with the stronger one of the Mars-Venus and Saturn-Ketu combinations. Marriage is hastened when Saturn aspects Mars.

Not interested
A female with Saturn aspecting both Venus and Moon in her horoscope would show no interest in marriage.
The most important House in a horoscope be it of a male or a female, is the 9th or Punyasthana. Slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th lead to yogas that delay marriage. Saturn aspecting Venus who is posited in a sign owned by the former would definitely delay marriage. However, if Saturn aspects Mars from wherever he is, marriage is hastened.
Veteran astrologers say that if Saturn aspects Moon from the 9th House, marriage gets delayed. Jupiter in the 9th would stall marriage, but whenever it happens it would be a great success.
(To be continued)