Results planets produce in 12 signs - Mars

By A.S.Fernando
We have already discussed the results that Sun and Moon produce in the 12 signs. Today, let us examine the results Mars produces in the 12 signs.
Mars in Aries: Mars attains swakshetra and Moola Trikona exaltation in Aries. A person born with Mars in Aries is forward looking, firm in his ideas and with a character of high integrity. A great lover of independence, native is always prepared to contribute his share towards common good. He would benefit much from the ready help of his friends. If Mars is posited in the 2nd Dreshkana (decanate) of Aries, native would be very bold, dynamic and aggressive. If born in the 3rd Dreshkana, native would be very fluent in speech and quick on the uptake. He would have a cheerful and positive disposition and a love for sports and physical exercises.
Mars in Taurus: Native is very passionate and would embark on matrimony in the prime of his youth. He would have several love affairs at the same time which would bring him into disrepute. Relatives would turn against him. He would get involved in litigation of his own making. He would get a bad reputation as one seen often in the company of sexual perverts. He would gain a knack for making money by unethical and unscrupulous means. He would even exploit religion and cultural traditions in the pursuit of his immoral activity. His marriage would be a failure. He would possibly come to a tragic end because of his extra-marital relations or conflicts with the wife. If born in the 2nd Dreshkana of Taurus, native would have a sharp intellect and would have the cunning to wriggle out of any difficult situation. He would turn even a bad situation to his account. If born in the 3rd Dreshkana native be energetic and persevering and would stand out as a good manager or an organiser.
Mars in Gemini: Native is endowed with a sharp intellect and perception. He would excel in studies. He would bring honour and credit to the country through some outstanding achievement. He would prefer the company of those leading a happy, care-free easy going lifestyle. Native is likely to suffer mental and physical harm at the hands of the bad elements in the society. Marriage to a close relative or a person of virtue is indicated. Relatives may turn against him. In fact, his death may occur among the relatives who have turned hostile to him. If born in the 2nd Dreshkana, native is endowed with a keen penetrating perception. He would enjoy entertaining people as a host.
Mars in Cancer: Cancer is Mars’ fall sign. Native would be active and enthusiastic. But he is not firm and would easily change. He is unstable temperamentally. Native has to undergo much hardship in life before achieving some measure of success. He is not consistent in his attitude towards servants and subordinates. Children would not be fortunate. Marriage would not be a success. Native is studious and knowledgeable. He would show an aptitude for occult sciences like Astrology. If born in the 2nd Dreshkana, he would have many love affairs. He would love to travel far and wide. If born in the 3rd Dreshkana, native would be peace loving and would settle for a quiet lifestyle.
Mars in Leo: Native becomes very dynamic and he is endowed with qualities like uprightness and courage. He is trustworthy and loyal to his wife and his associates. His main income would come either from a high position in the state or from some activity useful to the society. An independent thinker, native would acquire a deep knowledge of comparative religion. He would engage in some useful activity even in his old age. His death most likely would occur when he is working. He would be very prosperous during the latter stage of his life. He is not vindictive. If born in the 3rd Dreshkana of the Leo sign, native would be a good administrator of justice. He would be innovative. He would invariably occupy a position carrying much responsibility.
Mars in Virgo: This is an ideal planetary position for success as a businessman. Native would get his main income from foreign sources. He could earn a lot from foreign trade. He is conscious of the value of good dietary habits and sanitation and would seldom suffer from communicable diseases. He would find himself lucky at `chance’ games. He would lead a quiet and peaceful life during his last days. If born in the 2nd Dreshkana, he would quietly accumulate wealth. If born in the 3rd Dreshkana, he would be headstrong and arrogant.