Planetary combines that portend death or misfortune for Mother

  • Death at child birth

  • Death after six months

  • Would-be- patricide & matricide child

By Sudarshi
In some previous articles, we discussed certain planetary combinations or yogas that foreshadow death or misfortune for wife and husband.
The science of Astrology is so advanced, it is possible not only to predict the death of or misfortune for father, mother, brothers and sisters or even a close relative through a careful study of the horoscope of a newborn, but also as to when that tragedy would occur.
In this article we propose to discuss a few planetary combinations or positions in the horoscope of a newborn which portend death or other misfortune for mother.
In a Natal Chart, the 4th House represents, among other things, mother. The planetary combinations and positions that influence the 4th House can say what fortune or misfortune is in store for Mother.
For those born during the day, (between the sunrise and the sunset) Venus represents mother. Moon represents Mother for those born during the night (between the sundown and the sunup).

A few planetary combinations that portend misfortune for mother are given below.
1. Saturn in conjunction with the lord of the 4th House or Moon will kill mother early.
2. If born when Rahu, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd House, mother will die soon. Father too will not live long.
3. If only malefics are posited in trines (150 degrees) away from Moon, mother will die within six months of the birth of the child.
4. If Moon is posited in the Lagna when Saturn and Mars also occupy the same degree of the sign, mother will die shortly after childbirth. Father too will die soon after.
5. A person born when there are malefics occupying the 4th, 10th and the 12th Houses with no aspect from benefics will skip the country after killing both mother and father.
6. If born with Moon posited in the 6th, Mars in the 7th, and Saturn in the 10th, both mother and the newborn would die soon after childbirth.
7. If born when Moon is in a sign with malefics when there are other malefics in the 7th or the 8th sign away from it, mother will die or undergo much suffering.
8. Mother will have no milk to breast-feed the child if the latter is born when Sun is posited in the 7th House in exaltation or debilitation.

9. If the malefics are in the Lagna or the Lagna is hemmed in by malefics, mother will not live long.

Mother may suffer death or other misfortune due to factors other than those indicated in the horoscope of the newborn child. One should not think that the child is responsible for the death or misfortune of mother indicated in its horoscope Mother only reaps the results of her own Karma. Nature, Karma or say the Universal Law which we describe by different names uses the child’s horoscope as a medium to send the message.


Results planets produce in the 12 signs- Saturn

Part 92

By A S Fernando

So far we have discussed the results that Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Mercury, Ketu and Venus produce in the 12 signs. Today let us familiarise ourselves the results that Saturn produces in the 12 signs.
Saturn in Aries (Mesha): Saturn is debilitated in Aries. Native has to face much financial and other hardships and hostile acts by enemies and antagonistic relatives and calumny during the early years in life. Prosperity may come after the age of youth. Spouse can be a jealous person much senior to the native in age. Native would suffer material losses from marriage. If Mercury is afflicted in the Natal Chart, the native would suffer due to diseased internal organs. He may even commit suicide due to unbearable pain. Native would lead a lonely life during the latter stage in life. He may acquire such skills as required for an occupation like that of a mechanic or a bricklayer. Dhanayogas and Rajayogas can occur in instances where Saturn is placed in Neechabhanga positions. In such instances, native could prosper as a trader. If Ketu is associated with Saturn in Aries, native may suffer from chronic diseases. A debilitated Saturn in the 5th may confer wealth on the native.
Saturn in Taurus (Vrushabha): Native is a closed-fisted person with a penchant to lead a solitary life. He would derive a good income from industrial ventures. This is an ideal position for success as an agriculturist. Native may have to undergo much suffering and incur heavy expenses due to his relatives. Children would be a source of grief and anxiety.

Saturn in Gemini (Mithuna): Native with Saturn in Gemini has a dual personality. He tries to deceive others, but he himself gets cheated. Most of his friends are cheats and tricksters. He would undergo much hardship due to his involvement with unsavory characters. Law suits he files against others would boomerang on him. Children would be a source of anxiety. He would marry a person from a distant place. He is destined to die under tragic circumstances. Native would be spared these unfavourable results if a benefic is or benefics are with Saturn or he is aspected by benefics. If the sign is free from afflictions, native would be an intellectual who is very kind and sympathetic. His marriage would be a great success. The results would be a mix of what Saturn produces when he is in Libra and Aquarius.

Saturn in Cancer (Kataka): Native would be a failure in life riding disappointment, misery and unhappiness. He would have endless troubles in family life. Love affairs would end in disappointment and with dire consequences for him. If the 7th House is afflicted, marriage would bring him dishonour. Death would occur at a place away from home. Death would occur due to drowning or a disease resulting in oozing pus all over the body. If Saturn is in the 6th , 8th or the 12th House the results would be much worse. Native would have to spend the last days in his life in misery. Cancer is the sign where Saturn produces most unfavourable results.
Saturn in Leo (Simha): Native is normally grim and cheerless. He has to face troubles coming in a train. Native may marry a person already well known to him or her. Death would come from a heart ailment. Native is prone to communicable diseases and heart ailments. He would have very few friends.
Saturn in Virgo (Kanya): Native would have no marital happiness. He is a devout follower of his religion. He is prone to psychiatric ailments. He is intuitive and intelligent and is quick to grasp any abstruse subject.
Saturn in Libra (Thula): This is a very favourable position. Native is an intellectual with noble thoughts. As Saturn is exalted in Libra, native would enjoy comforts wherever he is. If Venus is afflicted in Taurus, or in any other sign, he would suffer the loss of his wife or some other female near and dear to him. Whatever success he achieves in life is due to his perseverance, and not due to chance or luck. Native is far-sighted. Saturn would produce favourable results when he is in transit in favourable Houses and unfavourable results when he is transiting in unfavourable Houses. Native would enjoy a good reputation at all times. He would not accept any high office or any material gain against his conscience. He would enjoy long life.
Saturn in Scorpio (Vrushika): This is not a favourable position. Native becomes an unscrupulous, irreligious, cunning and jealous person. He prefers to be secretive in all actions. He friends would be either older or more powerful than he. He would achieve his goals and gain rewards and honours by trickery. He possesses a sharp mental faculty which he uses for dishonest purposes. He would have clandestine love affairs. He would spend his last days in misery.

Saturn in Sagittarius (Dhanu): Native is a person of integrity. He is honest, upright and well versed in religion and philosophy. He would undergo much hardship in the course of his service to the community. However, he would earn recognition and a good reputation in the end. He is far-sighted and has the interest of the community at heart. He would rise to a high position in his career. His employment would be his main source of income. His children would be very fortunate.

Saturn in Capricorn (Makara): Native is very self-centered. He is motivated by self-interest in whatever he does. He has no trustworthy friends. He likes to keep company with uncouth mean people. Native works hard for worldly success with no concern for the others’ interests or rights. He is a miser and his children too would be misers. Love would play no role in his married life. His marriage would not be a success. His death would come to him at a time he is plagued by a restless mind. This mean he would die as an unhappy man.
Saturn in Aquarius (Kumbha): Saturn attains Moola-trikona status in Aquarius. This is a very favourable position. Native is very intelligent and compassionate. He would undergo hardship as a result of his efforts to ease other people’s hardships. He would earn his living from a very respectable profession. He is conscious of the need to main personal hygiene and thus he succeeds in preventing communicable diseases. An honourable love relationship would lead to his marriage. He wins over people with pleasing words. He would spend his last days as a saint. He would have a peaceful death. Many people would grieve over his death and remember him for years after his death.

Saturn in Pisces (Meena): This is not a favourable position for worldly success. Whatever activity, the native embarks on a happy and positive note would end up on a tragic note. Native would be a faithful follower of his wife after marriage. He would suffer losses in monetary transactions. Persons posing as friends would cheat him. Spouse would become a sick person after marriage. His children too would suffer misfortune. Native would die after a period of suffering.


Hand tells tales, but does not lie

Fingers – Judging character by their position, length and shape

By A S Fernando

Part 42

In some previous articles we have discussed the characteristics of the fingers. In this article, we propose more significations relating fingers based on their position, length and shape.
We, laymen, normally refer to five fingers on the hand. But for palmists there are only fingers, because they do not count the Thumb as a finger. They honour the Thumb with separate and distinct treatment in Palmistry. One renowned palmist says:” The Thumb is about the importance to the hand as the nose is to the face.”
Now let us examine the position of each finger in relation to other fingers.

Signs or lines Significations

First Finger or Index Finger or Finger of Jupiter and its position
Leaning towards the Thumb: Subject has a great desire for
Leaning towards the Second Finger: Unreasonable pride

Second Finger or Finger of Saturn and its position
Leaning towards the First Finger: Superstitious
leaning towards the Third Finger: More rational

Third Finger or Finger of Apollo or Sun and its position
Leaning towards the Second Finger: Morbid vanity
Leaning towards the Fourth Finger: Practising art for monetary
gain only

Fourth Finger or the Finger of Mercury and its position
Leaning towards the Third Finger: A happy blending of skills in
art and science

Closeness of Fingers
Showing no light between: Mean and avaricious
Showing light between: Inquisitive

Length of all fingers
Very long fingers: Interfering, very critical of others,
deriving sadistic pleasure by
tormenting others

Long fingers: Fastidious, meticulous sensitive
and analytical
Long thin fingers: Subjects are diplomats, card sharps
or pickpockets
Average fingers: Well balanced, practical- minded

Very short fingers: Unconventional, lazy, indifferent,
cruel, obeying primitive instincts.

Short fingers: Quick understanding, intuitive

Length of each finger
First Finger
Longer than the second finger: Domineering
Equal in length to the second finger Ambitious, power-hungry
Much shorter than the second finger: Abnormal, ambitious
Equal in length to the third finger: Great desire for power, fame
and wealth
Much shorter than the second finger: A laggard lacking drive and

Second Finger
Much longer than the third finger: Irrational peculiar attitude impedes
success in arts
Literature and money making
Equal in length to the third finger: Having a strong inclination for
Shorter than the third finger: Inclined to take desperate risks.
A mental disposition bordering
on insanity
Third Finger
Much longer than the first finger: A lover of arts
Equal in length to the first finger: Having a great desire for fame
and wealth

Unusually longer than the fourth finger: Having great desire master fine
arts. Efforts in this direction
will succeed.

Almost equal in length to the fourth finger: Versatile; possesses
persuasive powers.

Fourth Finger
Almost equal in length to the first finger: Endowed with skills required of a
diplomat or statesman; an
unscrupulous politician of
rare caliber.
Almost equal to the second finger: A great scientist

Almost equal in length to third finger: Versatile and capable of
influencing others
(To be continued)


What the stars foretell for your Lagna
(For the 1st quarter of August 2011)
By Sudarshi

Aries (Mesha)
The ongoing period is generally favourable with Yogakaraka Jupiter in Lagna. Lagnadhipati powerfully posited in the 3rd House assures success of all endeavours. Venus possessing Digbala in the 4th signifies home comforts, success in educational pursuits and happiness in the family. There would be obstacles to career success. Native is prone to ailments in the bowels and the secretive system.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Rahu in the 7th House is not auspicious for spouse. Those who are planning to marry shortly are advised to fix the event for a date after September 9 unless there are auspicious Yogas in the Natal Chart that nullify malefic influences. Peace and harmony in the family are indicated. Native is endowed with moral strength to face hardships and overcome them. Those running the Maha Dasa or Antar Dasa of Jupiter are advised to avoid risk-involved activity like bathing in the sea and taking boat rides.

Gemini (Mithuna)
An income from a foreign source is strongly indicated. Those engaged in literary, academic and journalistic pursuits can look forward to recognition for their skills and efforts. Those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Saturn may succeed in their plans to settle in a foreign country. The other natives too would develop an inclination to live away from home. High profits from business ventures, an enhanced income possibly through state patronage are in store. Native is prone to accidents that can cause head injuries.

Cancer (Kataka)
Yogakaraka Jupiter, the lord of the 9th House in the 10th House is very auspicious. Native is assured of career success and general prosperity. He can look forward to an increase in income after August 17. He is advised to steer clear of disputes and conflicts at least until September 9. Those running Maha or Antar Dasa of Ketu are likely to come into sudden wealth. Native is assured of a more comfortable lifestyle and more strength and dignity to his personality.

Leo (Simha)
Yogakaraka Mars in the 11th House assures a steady income. High expenses in connection with festivities in the family are likely. Those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Saturn may suffer loss of wealth. There is a strong possibility of native undertaking foreign travel. Native is prone to diseases affecting bones and joints. He is advised to avoid boat rides in rivers and lakes and sea bathing. Jupiter, the lord of the 5th House now in the 9th has placed the native in a strong position.

Virgo (Kanya)
The present planetary configuration is favourable. Mars possessing Digbala in the 10th, and Rahu powerfully posited in the 11th are capable of protecting the native from malefic influences and arming him with self-confidence. However, the native may suffer a minor setback in his career and status after August 17. He is advised to act with prudence and circumspect to ward off such a possibility or minimise the impact of such a possibility. He is advised to avoid travel by air as far as possible.

Libra (Thula)
A change in the career and in the main source of income is likely after August 17. A favourable landmark event is round the corner, possibly after October 9. The favourable situation will further improve after November 15. Jupiter’s direct aspect over the Lagna serves as a protective cover for it given its unfavorable location being hemmed in by two malefics Rahu and Saturn. Venus, the lord of 10th Karmasthana with Atmakaraka Sun raises the prospects of a high position carrying authority.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
The period after August 17 is very auspicious for those engaged in politics. The native is advised to turn the influence of Rahu in the Lagna to productive purposes by overcoming the mental unrest and the inclination to rush headlong into action dictated by impulse. The native is protected by Jupiter who casts his aspect over the Houses on either side. Those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Mars should avoid risk-involved activity as Mars possessing Maraka powers is now posited in the evil 8th House.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Jupiter, the lord of the Lagna and the 4th House continues to provide a protective cover and beneficial results to the native. Mars, although a Yogakaraka, poses a threat to spouse from the 7th House. Those planning to embark on matrimony are advised to fix the happy event for a date after October 5 or fix an earlier date only after a careful study of the Natal Chart. A drop in income is indicated. A change in employment or loss of employment is possible for those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Saturn.

Capricorn (Makara)
The direct aspect of Yogakaraka Venus over the Lagna adds dignity to the personality of the native. Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in the 10th House by October 9 signifies a landmark event in the career of the native. The native is going through a decisive period in life. Jupiter in the 4th casting his direct aspect over the 10th House continues to protect the career of the native.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Native is going through the Ashtamaya Erashtaka which will end by November 15. However, Saturn may cause marital problems in the meantime. Saturn in Virgo in a way is a Gnanayoga. The ongoing is not only a period of anxiety and disappointment, but also one for deep soul searching and reflection on the nature of life. Therefore, the native would emerge from this period of `trial’, the wiser and better equipped to face the ups and downs in life. The 10th House is hemmed in by two malefics, Saturn and Rahu and the native’s career is saved by the direct aspect of Jupiter over the 10th House.

Pisces (Meena)
Yogakaraka Jupiter, the lord of the Lagna and the 10th House now posited in the 2nd assures a rise in income, career success and happiness in the family. The other Yogakaraka Mars in the 4th House assures success in educational pursuits. The period after August 17 is more favourable for those engaged in foreign trade. Saturn in the 7th House possessing Digbala strengthens the native’s morale and powers of endurance.


Herbs that suit your Birth Number

By A S Fernando

Numerology – Part 42

Ayurveda, perhaps, can be one of the the oldest sysetms of medicine founded in the history of human civilisation. Ayurveda while advocating good health habits and practices for maintaining a sound mind and a sound body prescribes herbal medicines for curative treatment. The ancients here and in India in particular have discovered not only medicinal properties in various parts of plants mostly in their own environment, but have also ascertained the herbs that are most efficacious for persons born under varying influences of planets and Birth Numbers.
Modern scientists have discovered the medicinal value of various parts of certain plants through research conducted by very advanced methods. But people in ancient civilisations India, Babylon, Mesapotania and in certain parts of South America and North America had known the medicinal value of such plants as far back 6,000 years ago.
According to renowned numerologists Number 1 persons - those born on the 1st, 10th or 28th of any month- are prone to heart trouble in some form or other and in the latter stage in their life they develop high blood pressure. They also suffer from defective vision. Some Number 1 people cannot see clearly due to a fault in the shape of their eye.
Herbal produce (fruits, leaves, bark, etc) recommended by ancient Numerologists for Number 1 people include raisins, cloves, nutmeg, oranges, lemon, dates, ginger and barley (barley bread and water). Number 1 people must take honey with garlic on a daily basis.
Important changes in the mental and physical health of Number 1 people occur at the ages of 19, 28, 37 55. The months in which they must take special care to safeguard their health are October, December and January.
Number 2 people - Those born on the 2nd, 11th, or 29th of any month – prone to diseases affecting the stomach and the digestive system. Herbal produce recommended for them include lettuce, turnips, cucumber, kohila (leaves and root), melon.
Important changes in the health of Number 2 people occur at the ages of 20,25, 29,43, 47,52 and 67. They should take particular care to safeguard their health in January, February and July.
Number 3 persons – Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of the month are prone to ailments affecting their nervous system mainly due to stress and strain. The main herbal intakes recommended for them include endiv, strawberries, apples, pomegranates, pineapple, saffron, nutmeg and cloves.
They should avoid overwork and pay special attention to their health in February, June and December. Changes in their health may occur at the ages of 20,21,30, 48, and 57.
Number 4 people are those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of the month. They are vulnerable to ailments which cannot be easily dignosed. They often suffer from melancholia, anaemia and pains in the back . The main herbal intakes recommended for them include spinach, greengram, cabbage and avacado. The years in which important changes in their health occur are 30th, 13th, 22nd, 31st, 40th, 49th and 58th.
Number 5 people – those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month may suffer from ailments affecting the nervous system.as they have a tendency to overstrain themselves. As a result, they may suffer from insomnia. Herbal produce recommended for them include carrot and all edible seeds and nuts.The months in which Number 5 people should take care to safeguard their health are June, September and December.
(To be continued)


The movements of planets in August 2011


Pura Atawaka begins at 05.41 am August 06, Saturday ends at 03.40 am Sunday - Sil Saturday

Pun Poya begins 11.49 pm August 12, Friday ends 00.31 am Sunday - Sil Saturday

Ava Atawaka begins 02.24 pm August 21, Sunday ends 04.12 pm Monday - Sil Sunday

Amawaka begins 11.37 am August 28, Sunday ends 08.34 am Monday -Sil Sunday



Readers’ queries answered

By Sudarshi

From A de B from Ja-ela
I append below my daughter’s birth data. I would like to know her future. Will she prosper in her present job? Will she lead a happy married life?

Date of birth: ….
Birth time: .......
Place of birth: Base hospital, Nawalapitiya

Reply: Your daughter has been born into Leo Lagna. The 2nd quarter of Denata constellation was rising at the time of birth which has brought her under the sway of Maha Dasa of Mars. She is now running the Antar Dasa of Mars in the Jupiter’s Maha Dasa. She had been subject to Shani Lagna Erashtaka at birth. Therefore, she must have gone through a bad patch marked by constant illness at least up to the age of six. Saturn’s aspect on Moon may have dimmed her interest in marriage. Planetary combinations show that she can lead a happy married life. Jupiter posited in the 10th House receiving the aspect of Mars signifies that she is fortunate enough to secure a good employment possibly in the state sector and she will rise to a high position. She should have had a brilliant school career as the 5th House or Vidyasthana is owned by Jupiter himself. She should avoid boat rides in lakes and rivers and sea bathing. She has to be careful about her diet as well as she is prone to skin diseases.

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