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North votes for political settlement

By Dr N.Kumaraguruparan MPC

Tamils of north have given a paramount verdict and mandate through the just concluded LG Elections; acknowledged their priority to Tamil National Alliance and political philosophy. This has been ended up like another referendum. Island-wide results have polarised north and south but for two different purposes and reasons.
North has remained the same as in the past to reiterate the government and international entities a lasting distinguished political settlement; very much a categorical verdict but democratic expression. South has expressed their interest and trust bestowed upon the government that government will bring about real racial harmony as they believe many development works all spoken in media will satisfy the north and mainly Singhalese’s gratitude yet for winning of war.

Political aspiration
But there is a vital phenomenal historically pending a duty of the government to satisfy the political aspiration of Tamils. In the aftermath of the war, Government has failed and gone back from their assurance given long before the elections now to wonder perhaps to mark the time of warfare period, and satisfy international communities.
If those supported UPFA in north wanted victory, the nasty scenario of dog slaughtering and through garbage in front of TNA candidates residences, arrest of Dreburge College Principal in Chavakacheri - a respectable person shouldn’t have taken place. Prof Rajeeva Wijesinghe very conveniently said that 5,000 has died in the war when this learned Emeritus Principal quipped the same through a leaflet he has been arrested and they shouldn’t have demean the people by election offerings; no one can win the heart of another one by antagonising.

Democratic mandate
Very layman’s question is why did the government or the UPFA party contest in the North without satisfying them for what they historically reiterate the political solution. But unfortunately depending on amateurish young faces just join the UPFA. Though democracy permits TNA wouldn’t have been idiotic to contest in Galle, Matara and Hambantota.
Now The Tamils have given their democratic mandate for TNA’s election manifesto. Since governing party UPFA has contested they are committed to come out with a political package for conflict resolution. Let the leaders are for the people and not vice- versa.
Why the government is silent on quipping out with a political solution? APRC proposal provide a better basis and with limited Police and land powers too possess a cross-country acceptability, Can any Sinhalese imagine professors like Tissa Vitharana, Vishva Warnapala, Raja Collure and Prof Marasinghe representing great Sinhalese are to hoodwink their community? They followed various sittings and used conflict resolving strategies to finalise APRC report, which has been handed over to the President by Prof Tissa Vitharana.
Devolution of power has never divided any country into two in the world. But only the countries where they failed to devolve in any solid form of any degree of federalism but allowed the struggle infinite has led to separation in the recent past.
Further more TNA has in uncertain terms said that they are for an acceptable devolution of power within the frame work of Sri Lanka. Failure of the past in my view as a research student in politics is that there must have been a special consideration for North and East the then troubled province alone instead of various Provincial councils - UK a good model on the basis of devolution as per demand.

Symmetrical devolution
In fact, a Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Political Science of University College London explained us when APRC was there. The basic mistake had been symmetrical devolution for the rest of the country as in the majority of India. The Rest of the country didn’t have such problems or grievances then. Thinking of a miniature of India ultimately India too has slipped out from its underwriter role; left the 13th Amendment to the Constitution the baby of “Indo-Sri Lanka Accord” to takes it own fate and north east de-merged.
Now through the just concluded LG Elections Tamils have clearly given the mandate that TNA the official representative of them, justified and supported the Indian, American and International pressure upon the GOSL for accountability and reconciliation for political settlement, rejection of so called development without political settlement and to say they are ready for a negotiated acceptable and respectable political solution. Now it’s the role of the government to play a very responsible role with serious responsibility

(Nalliah Kumaraguruparan. PhD, CBA,
Member of the Western Provincial Council, Chartered Business Administrator, Secretary of the Society of CBA’s of Sri Lanka.
General Secretary of the Democratic Peoples’ Front – Sri Lanka)
Email : kumargpn@gmail.com