Planetary Conjunctions - Dwi-Graha Samyoga

By A.S.Fernando

Mars with other planets
In two preceding articles, we discussed the results that Sun and Moon produce in conjunction with other planets. We propose to examine the results that Mars produces in conjunction with other planets in this article.
Mars-Mercury: This is a very favourable combination that makes the native very dynamic and energetic. Astrology describes the Mars-Mercury Samyoga as a fine blend of dynamism with the knowledge of Science and Mathematics. They say that this Samyoga produces great engineers, physicians, surgeons, astronomers, and mathematicians. If this conjunction falls in a good House with good aspects, the native would definitely become an outstanding academic and a professional. If the conjunction is afflicted, the native would become a very clever cheat and a fraudster who lives by his wit.
Mars-Jupiter: This too is a very favourable combination if it falls in a good House with no malefic aspects. The native would be a forward looking, proactive person of indomitable courage. He would be fiercely independent. He would possess such noble qualities and psychic powers he would easily win others over to his viewpoint. These natives possess a sharp intellect and perception and none would match them in oratorical skills. They would cause no harm to anyone and would not tolerate any harm done to them either. If this conjunction is afflicted, the native would be a prodigal person. He would be eternally in financial difficulties. However, he would have courage and grit to face any difficult situation. The native would lose at cards. If the conjunction is in a sign friendly to both planets, he would be a righteous person.
Mars-Venus: This is yet another favourable combination provided it is not afflicted. The blend of dynamism and drive of Mars with the finer qualities of Venus would produce a peace lover, an artiste, a lover of arts, a great actor with a magnetic personality and a bold and courageous person with sterling qualities. However, he would be a very passionate person given to seeking sensual pleasures. Mars-Venus combination produces a physically strong person. If the conjunction is not afflicted, the native would be a happy-go-lucky, care-free, playful character. He would be a clever businessman or an entrepreneur. He would be popular among the fair sex. However, his marriage would be a failure if Mars or Venus becomes the lord of the Lagna or the 7th House. If the conjunction is afflicted, the native would lose all his possessions in the pursuit of gratifying his sexual desires. He would seek the company of women of loose morals. If the conjunction occurs in a watery sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) he would become an alcoholic. However, the person can become a good person if he overcomes his failings with determination after a self-appraisal or with the prior knowledge of the afflicted conjunction.
Mars-Saturn: A person born with this conjunction would acquire qualities like forbearance, endurance and patience. He would have a good retentive power. He would enjoy robust health. If the conjunction is fortified with beneficial aspects, the native would rise to a very high position in an academic field. He would be very economical in the use of his wealth. If the conjunction is afflicted, results could be disastrous. People with afflicted Mars-Saturn Samyoga could become ruthless killers. If the two planets occupy the 2nd House or 8th House, the native would suffer from hypertension. If Saturn as the lord of the 2nd House conjoins with Mars in whatever House, native would definitely be a heart patient. He would even suffer from dementia.