Hand tells tales but does not lie – Part 46

Female hand, a portrayal of character

By A S Fernando
All renowned palmists in their great works have set apart a chapter on the Shape and Size of Hand. Because they have considered that the shape of the hand in reading the character and fortune of a subject is as important as the lines and mounts on the palm.

However, most astrologers have discussed various types of hands in general but have not presented a study specific to the hand of the female.

Human tendencies, feelings, emotions, desires and aspirations among many other things are common to both male and female. They share the same set of values as well as biological needs with males. However, there can be manners, mannerisms and reflex actions peculiar to women.

Nature has created woman for a feminine role with skills and instincts essential for playing that role. Custom and tradition which have won general acceptance in society also expect the female to confine her activity to the sphere ascribed to her. Women are not expected to do hard manual labour. Nature has designed various parts of the anatomy of a female to suit the biological, reproductive and other `feminine’ functions she is expected to perform. For example, look at the hand of a female. A woman’s hand unlike a man’s is soft, supple and well formed. One would not come across a woman’s hand characterised by stiff, heavy fingers, a clumsy thumb and a hard palm.

Elementary hand and the Murderer’s Hand are hardly seen among women.
A great French palmist has said that out of a 100 women in France, 40 belong to the conical type, thirty to the Square type and the other 30 to the spatulate type. What this great palmist says holds good for women in other countries as well.
Palmists divide women into two broader categories: those with large thumbs and those with small thumbs.
Women with large thumbs are more intelligent than sensitive. Serious things in life like books on important subjects attract them. Women with small thumbs are more sensitive than intelligent. Glamour, splendor and beauty captivate them.

Accounting for the absence of the Elementary Hand among women, a great French palmist says that the cares of maternity being extremely complex and difficult, women require an instinct of a higher plane than that is revealed by the Elementary Hand.
He says that a woman with a Spatulate Hand and a small thumb possesses a great fund of affectionate freedom, an imperious desire of action and a thorough understanding life.
Women with Square fingers possess a lot of common sense. They have soft, supple hands with faintly marked knots. They are very witty.
Women with soft and supple hands with conical fingers and small thumbs love all that is brilliant. They are indolent, fanciful and sensual.

A woman with a delicate smooth hand and pointed fingers whose palm is narrow and elastic has tastes ruled by the heart and soul rather than the by the mind and senses. Owners of such hands are calm and radiant and are endowed with grace and inspiration.
The somewhat large thumb of a woman indicates that she is cautious in affairs of the heart and she holds sensations under control of a well balanced will. Women with a small thumb are seductive and very fickle. They are inclined towards excessive coquetry. They are overwhelmed by unreasonable jealousy and unreliable nerves.
Short thumbed women cannot keep secrets. They are not reliable. They are always very inquisitive.

Large thumbed women are somewhat slow in taking stock of a give situation. Yet they are shrewd and calculating. For them marriage is a matter of business. They are great believers in common sense. They are domineering and they speak in a loud tone. They are trustworthy.