Homoeopathy – a cure for all ills?

Homoeopathy, an alternative medicine long practiced in Sri Lanka, but given step-motherly treatment by orthodox medicine hardliners, is finally to gain recognition in this country. After years of battling for their rightful place in the medical world, homeopaths in Sri Lanka must surely welcome the good news that the Cabinet of Ministers a few days ago, gave its nod of approval of a new Act replacing the Homoeopathy Act No. 76 of 1970, to promote the homoeopathy science of medicine in this country.

Under the new Act, several innovative measures will be taken to promote this popular alternative medicine and give it due recognition in he country’s curative system.
A separate College of Medicine will be established for homoeopathy system of medicine with the approval of the University Grants Commission. The government will also set up a Homoeopathy Council of Medicine to register homoeopathy institutions, pharmacists and practitioners, thereby preventing irregularities and abuse by quacks.
The monitoring and administering process will also be assigned to the new Council. So will the monitoring, production, imports, sale and distribution of homoeopathy drugs .

In addition to these timely measures, the Indigenous Medicine Ministry will step in to train homoeopathy physicians and provide their services to patients.
The Ministry has further promised to supply stocks of quality medicines that are on par with the required standard and even undertaken to popularise the system.
All these measures are no doubt very pertinent, filling gaps that long needed to be filled to put it on par with allopathy medicine in years to come.

As an additional boost, under the new Act, the government will recognize those having qualifications approved by the Medical Council of Sri Lanka as well as those who have obtained foreign qualifications in recognised Medical Councils abroad.
So what exactly is Homoeopathy? What does it set out to do? How different is it from other methods of alternative medicine? What do those who have practiced it have to say on its outcomes?
The Nation gives our readers a glimpse into some real life cases provided a layman albeit a long time self taught practitioner who says he has successfully treated family members and friends free of charge at his home during his spare time.

Joe de Livera is living proof that the system has worked at least for himself. At 82, he looks much younger and healthier than most people his age. Not only does he keep himself busy treating streams of patients visiting his house for curing their varied ailments during the evenings, he continues to remain at the helm of his father’s well known establishment in Pettah, which he has been running almost single handedly for over 40 years as its Chairman.

In an interview with The Nation on his pet subject Homoeopathy, he says it is, “the secret to longevity and good health which I have enjoyed all these years.”
He says that for years homoeopathy has been vilified and rejected by allopathic doctors. “What these doctors say it can’t, it can. So it is important that they have an open mind and accept the fact that certain shortcomings in the western medical system can be filled by Homoeopathy. It is time they shed their prejudiced views”, he emphasises.
Now, with the new Homoeopathy Act, it looks as if his long cherished dream of giving Homoeopathy its rightful place in our curative system is about to be realised

By Carol Aloysius
Joe de Livera - Why I believe in Homoeopathy and some case histories:
“I have been a firm believer in Homoeopathy for over forty years. Ever since I began following the Homoeopathy principles, I have never taken any medicinal drugs to treat an illness - not even a Panadol, since any medical drug can have an adverse side effect, which could have a lasting effect. As a result, I am very fit and able to lead an active life, when most of my contemporaries with whom I grew up have aged beyond their years, and have ended up as invalids or become senile and wheel chair bound..

Q. Who introduced you to Homoeopathy?
It was Dr Latif (senior) who first introduced me to the world of Homoeopathy when I was taken to him as a young school boy to be treated for catarrh. His treatment was like a magical cure for me as I recovered completely with no further attacks of running nose. That was when I decided that this alternative medicine held the key to good health and longevity. What attracted me to this science was that it used nature’s cures - vegetables, flowers, roots in low potency, to bring about long lasting cure for practically any illness or disease - leaving no adverse side effects.

Q. What kind of diseases?
Almost all diseases. From asthma, bronchitis, skin ailments, migraine, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, ulcers, to serious illnesses like heart defects, and cancer.
I had a hands on experience of these cures, when I worked with a leading homoeopath who was here after the tsunami and his two colleagues who I helped set up a clinic at Hikkaduwa to treat the people who were suffering from all sorts of diseases due to the tsunami. I personally witnessed how they were able to cure hundreds of these patients of skin, eye diseases, respiratory infections and even non communicable diseases”..

Q. What about diabetes? Can it cure this disease which allopathic doctors say you can’t?
It can control diabetes which is a big help for patients who want to lead a normal and quality life.

Q. You say you have been treating patients for a long time as a kind of hobby, not for commercial gains, and have had some positive results. Can you cite any recent ground breaking cases you have successfully treated?
My most recent case was my own cook who I treated for what I thought was dengue as all the symptoms he had were very similar to dengue. It happened two weeks ago, when he developed a high temperature, began vomiting and shivering and started complaining of severe body aches. He also said he had a violent headache. So I gave him one of my medicines – plain water medicated with three drops of Eupatoritam perboliatum 200C. It was the first time I had tried this medicine on what appeared to me was dengue, and imagine my surprise when the next day he reported to work saying he was perfectly well. That I considered as a ground breaking case in my long years of practice.
My second case was when a friend hearing how I cured my cook, contacted me and asked me to try the same treatment on him. He said he was diagnosed with dengue and had to enter a private hospital and that his temperature was still high and his platelet count had fallen drastically. So I gave him the same medicine and by mid day he had begun sweating and his temperature had left him, and his platelette count had also gone up.”

Q. Any other cases?

In response, de Livera directs me to his website www.Joepathy in which he has recorded some outcomes of homoeopathy treatment he has personally given to close friends and family, including himself - with success. We reproduce some of these cases for our readers’ benefit.
Case history- 1
*Treating falling hair
About 20 years ago I discovered that I was losing hair at an alarming rate daily. I was 60 years old at that time and I started experimenting with various Homeopathic remedies and have finally evolved what I feel is the best therapy to help with the Loss of Hair.
- The following ingredients are required:
Arnica Q or Mother Tincture 30ml bottle
Olive Oil 200 ml
Arnica 30c in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol
500ml bottle of Spring water or Bottled water sold in supermarkets.
Any good Fish Liver Oil in capsule form.
Pour 100ml Olive oil into a bottle and mix it with 5ml Arnica Q. Shake the bottle and the Arnica will form an emulsion with the Olive Oil.
Wet the finger tips with the emulsion and part your hair and apply the oil on the roots of the hair and spend some time in massaging it into the scalp which should show an oily shine. This is done daily for best results after a shower.
Make a Wet dose of Arnica 30 as follows:
Order Arnica 30c in a 5ml in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert three drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you take a cap full which is a dose twice daily. This is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.
Shaking the bottle hard is homoeopathy succession and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle is sipped as directed.
Take a capsule of the Fish Liver Oil daily.
Avoid harsh shampoos. Use Baby Shampoo instead.
It is also an excellent under arm deodorant for daily use.
Please note that the Roll on Stick Deodorants have been found to cause Cancer as they block the pores.
Avoid coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon, and all canned cola beverages as they antidote the therapy.
Drink plenty of water and exercise daily for at least 45 minutes like walking or jogging depending on your age. The idea is to sweat it out. This is essential to promote the circulation of blood in the body which Arnica will help to promote.
Patients who suffered from severe hair loss who were losing over 200 hairs daily have confirmed that they discovered in about a week that the loss of their hair had been arrested. They also noticed that the new growth was plainly visible above their scalp when their hair was parted in about six weeks.
In my case I still have a good head of grey hair at age 80 although it has thinned down to about half the hair I had 40 years ago.

Case -2

How I dislodged a kidney stone from a patient
I would like to share the therapy I used to treat a Kidney Stone which can be useful to members who may be diagnosed with one or who may find that a friend suffers from a Kidney Stone. It is interesting to note that modern medicine does not seem to have any treatment for Kidney Stones other than shattering them with a Lithotrypter or by using drugs to dissolve them which usually does not seem to help the patient quickly. This patient had been under treatment by specialists of the General Hospital in Colombo for some months but with no amelioration of his condition.

He presented with acute pain in his back which had been diagnosed by specialists as Kidney Stones. An X-ray did not show any shadows but his urine report showed that he had Calcium Oxalate Crystals ++.
I gave the patient Berberis Vulgaris 6c in the Wet Dose but this did not help him for a week as this remedy works slowly to dissolve the stones. On the 8th day he reported acute pain radiating down from his right kidney and was unable to stand erect. I diagnosed that a stone had been discharged from his right kidney and that it was blocking his right Ureter. I gave him six pellets Colocynthis 200 in the dry dose which he took sublingually around 7pm. He reported on the morning after that he had woken up around 2am with excruciating pain, the likes of which he had never suffered before in his life. The pain radiated from his back down through his abdomen on the right side and down to the bladder. His urine was bloody shortly after.

He had passed the stone with just one dose of Colocynthis 200 and he is now completely free of all pain and discomfort. A urine test does not show any signs of Calcium Oxalate Crystals.
I am recording this incident in the hope that members will remember that Colocynthis 200 in the dry dose has an almost miraculous effect in dislodging Kidney Stones. Berberis Vulgaris 6c in the Wet Dose will slowly dissolve the Calculi and it helped this patient to dislodge the stone that was in his right kidney and its passage through the Ureter caused him this unbearable pain which was so bad that he had passed out for a short while.
I have advised him to take a teaspoonful of Berberis V 6c in the Wet Dose daily to ensure that his urine does not cause another Kidney Stone to form and to also drink at least three liters of liquids daily.

Case -3

How to quit smoking
You may like to know that I pioneered in helping chronic smokers to quit smoking with Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily. I discovered this unusual effect of Arnica quite accidentally in 2005 when I gave this remedy to a patient who was suffering from some ailment and was also a chronic smoker. Since that time I have conducted experiments with about 20 chronic smokers and about 85% have confirmed that they lost the urge for that next cigarette after about four doses taken over two days on Arnica and within a week they were able to quit the habit.

History of Homoeopathy and what it sets out to do
Homoeopathy is based on ‘Totalistic Approach’ (also called holistic approach). As a person is a single identity, so is the disease which makes the person sick as a whole. One can not consider individual part or system as sick and treat individually. Here the ‘diseased individual’ is treated with revolutionary totalistic approach. The sole aim is to treat the sick patient and not the diseased part.
This principle of totalistic approach was first brought before this world by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in 1796. The homeopathic medical science (also called homoeopathy) is in one way called modern science as it is just 211 years old. Originated by an allopath who was frustrated by the limited approach and side effects of the medicines. Now homoeopathy is practiced in more then 85 countries. It is one of the most popular alternative medical science. In one way also now becoming a medical science at par with allopathy. Homoeopathic medical science is taught in homoeopathic medical colleges, with more and more new homoeopathic colleges are opening up in US, UK, India and other parts of the world.