The 5th Bhava can say it

Children can be an asset or a blessing or a source of happiness or grief - II

By Sudarshi
According to ancient Indian sage Parasara, the presence of the 5th lord or the lord of Putrasthana in the 6th, 8th or in the 12th House indicate negative results in filial matters. In other words, parents cannot expect affection or care from their children.
If the 5th lord is in the 6th, children would behave like veritable enemies and if the 5th lord is in the 8th no happiness could be expected from children.
If the 5th lord is in the 12th, no comfort from children can be anticipated.
A close favourable relationship between the Lagna and the 5th lord signifies happiness from children. This relationship can be Yoga, aspect, mutual exchange or conjunction of lords. The 5th lord in the Lagna or the Lagna lord in the 5th or beneficial aspect from the 5th over the Lagna indicates the coming of dutiful and obedient children.
Disobedient children is the result of the 5th lord being conjunct with Mars or Rahu or the 5th lord being aspected by them or being in between two malefics (Papakartari Yoga).
If the 5th lord is in the 11th House with the 11th lord, parents would get monetary benefits from children.
Planets in the 5th Bhava influence the characteristics of your children. These characteristics would provide you with a clue on how you can manage them when they grow up.
Sun in the 5th House: Children will be full of verve and nerve. They would be aristocratic, but magnanimous. They will have talents and love for arts. They would be resourceful and would attain success, recognition and fame.
Advice to parents: Children should be taught the value of humility and maintaining good relations with all.
Moon in the 5th House: Children would be imaginative, creative and inventive. They would be bright. They love all comforts in life.
Advice to parents: Instill the value of being practical and pragmatic; do not allow them to live in a dream-world.
Mars in the 5th House: You are likely to have more sons. They would be aggressive and fearless.
Advice to parents: Encourage their acts of courage and bravery and advise them not to bully the weak.
Mercury in the 5th House: Children would be intelligent and inquisitive. They would be sensitive too. They may not be physically strong but they would have a sound inquiring mind.
Advice to parents: Readily answer their questions. Where you do not know the correct answer, refer them to available sources of information.
Jupiter in the 5th House: Children would be intelligent and studious.
Advice to parents: Identify their talents and skills and help them to develop them. Remember that with proper guidance they would achieve positions of honour and fame.
Venus in the 5th House: You will have charming daughters. Sons will be handsome. They would be lovers of arts.
Advice to parents: Remember your children are very sensitive and sentimental
Saturn in the 5th House: Your children may become melancholy and start brooding.
Advice to parents: Build a close rapport with your children and try keeping them in good cheer. Do not expect much from them when they grow up.
Uranus in the 5th House: Your children will be modern in outlook. They will not want to follow the beaten track. They will have no respect for age-old customs and traditions. . But they may become scientists and inventors.
Advice to parents: Do not berate your children for being unconventional.
Neptune in the 5th House: Conduct and ideas of your children may look unnatural to you.
Advice to parents: Ensure that they do not get hooked on drugs.
Pluto in the 5th House: Your children may want a different world, a radical departure from prevailing scheme of things.
Advice to parents: Teach your children moral and religious values. Ensure that they do not move with friends who believe in violent means of achieving their ends.
Rahu in the 5th House: Your children, especially the first child will be disobedient.
Advice to parents: It is better to adjust yourself to any given situation rather than punish or fight with your child.
Ketu in the 5th House: Your children will not see eye to eye with you on most matters. But they will study well.
Advice to parents: If you expect much from your children, you will be in for a severe disappointment.