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Sunday November 06th, 2011

Colombo Port back to normal
The protest which started suddenly last Friday evening at the entrance to the Colombo Port by the container drivers and cleaners ended around noon yesterday (November 5) with the Ports Authority Chairman Dr. Priyath Wickrama promising to resolve grievances. Full Story

LTTE rump in Europe marking a bloody trail
The LTTE rump operatives in France that once enriched themselves and became powerful by extorting money from Sri Lankan Tamils living in France have now split into groups and are at one another’s throats, The Nation learns from Sri Lankan sources in Paris. Full Story

TELO blames TNA on exclusion from foreign trip
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has dismissed claims that it had sidelined one of its main constituent parties by excluding them from the delegation to the USA and Canada.
However... Full Story

Crowned with the license to dance

The traditional headgear adornment ceremony of introducing dancers before the public in their maiden performance “Hisa ves thebime mangalya” of the Sarasavi Ranga Kalayatanaya was held at the precincts of the Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo recently.

Pic Rukshan Abeywansa


BASL requests Bill withdrawal
The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa requesting the withdrawal of the new Bill “Revival of Underperforming and Underutilised Assets” to be presented in parliament that was sent to the Supreme Court under Article 122, for determination of its consistency with the constitution thereby preventing the citizenry from going before the Supreme Court to challenge its content... Full Story

Murali to conjure new delivery for Sri Lanka
Muttiah Muralitharan, the most successful bowler in the history of cricket, is to play a key role in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota 2018 bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games by representing the Sri Lanka’s delegation to the Caribbean next week to make a crucial final presentation to those who will vote for either Hambantota or Australia’s Gold Coast. Full Story



Health Ministry launches first interactive website
The Health Education Bureau of the Health Ministry launched an around the clock website in all three languages providing several services to the public. The website will provide information as well as answers to health questions posed by the general public on a one to one basis with the help of health experts from the Health Education Bureau and consultant specialists across... Full Story

Minister directs officials to be vigilant on resettlement
All the Divisional Secretaries in the Northern Region were instructed to pay special attention towards the wellbeing of those displaced due to the war, and presently living in welfare camps and other places by the Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Minister Douglas Devananada. Full Story

TRC to bring a national broadband policy
The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is to come up with a National Broadband Policy for internet providers to lift their standards.
Consultant, Broadband initiatives of the TRCSL, Sanath Siriwardena told The Nation the policy was drafting and would be introduced soon.
The TRCSL on Friday launched the country’s first speed testing facility through which the people could monitor the downloading speed.  Full Story

Fuel price hike not due to world market?
The petrol price increase by Rs.12, diesel by Rs.8 and kerosene oil by Rs.10 per litre recently by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation was said to be due to the increase of crude oil prices in the world markets. Nevertheless, the actual reason was the decreased crude oil prices due to the national debt crisis faced by a number of European nations especially Greece, recent international financial reports revealed. Full Story

DPF to decide today
The Democratic People’s Front will meet today to decide whether to support the United National Party in the Colombo Municipality. This follows a letter written to DPF leader Mano Ganeshan by the CMC Mayor A.J.M. Muzammil to extend the party’s support to the UNP to enable it to function smoothly in the CMC. DPF sources said this followed repeated requests by the Mayor to extend its six member support since the UNP with only 24 MMCs has no absolute majority in the 53 member council. Full Story

Is LLRC valid after Nov. 15?
The final report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) would be ready by next weekend, LLRC Media Coordinator, Lakshman Wickremasinghe said. Speaking to The Nation he further said, the report has been completed except for the final checking and the editing. It would be handed-over to the President Rajapaksa between November 11 and 15. Full Story

Wimal speaks on left crisis
Jathika Nidahas Peramuna will hold a public lecture on “Wama nodanna wame awula” (The crisis unknown to the Left) on November 07, at 3.00pm at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. JNP leader and Construction, Engineering Services... Full Story


Ruling party consolidating its power
Several events unfolded in the local political landscape this week and the issues they raise are likely to have significant repercussions for both the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and the collective opposition in the coming months. First, it was stated that seventy-six parliamentarians from the ruling party have... Full Story

Cold war breaks out at Colombo MC
Colombo Mayor A.J.M. Muzammil had to face an unexpected issue over two rooms in the MC building soon after assuming duties in his new office on November 1 and the failure to resolve the issue has led to a complaint being made to the Kurunduwatte Police. It was a group of opposition members of the Council led by opposition leader Milinda Moragoda who set the ball rolling... Full Story


Ethical dilemmas in the gift relationship
Sophocles: “An enemy’s gift is ruinous and no gift”. At its annual Berlin Humanitarian Congress, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) discussed some of the ethical dilemmas it has faced over the past 40 years. The report, published this month, is entitled Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience. Full Story

Karandeniya goes berserk after arrest of suspects
In businesses in Sri Lanka tea trade and medical professions were held in high esteem and the men and women dealing in these trades were much respected compared to other professions. However, the respect with which the people viewed these two businesses were shattered when for the first time in the country’s history, two gentlemen who were engaged in the weekly tea auctions in Colombo were killed in the year 2000 simply because for overbidding on behalf of their companies. Full Story

Redacted revolution
“This wasn’t a Facebook revolution. People did hard work on the ground. The Internet was a just a tool that facilitated and accelerated the process. We have to remember that 850 people died. Not just Facebook profiles but flesh and blood people.” - Nadine Wahab, co-administrator, ‘We are all Khaled Said’ Facebook campaign Full Story

Sovereign or Orphan: Europa and Zeus
In an old Greek myth, Europa is a Phoenician women, who while gathering flowers with her attendants, sees Zeus the great god, who has taken the form of a white bull. She caresses his flanks, and gets on his back, and then bull rides off with her across the sea to the island of Create, and as they used to say in the old days, ‘seduces’ her. Full Story

Fonseka-Sampanthan pact shows up Butenis’ slip
A few days ago, www.colombotelegraph.com broke the news that Sarath Fonseka had signed a secret pact with R. Sampanthan, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance. It was always known that the Fonseka camp had come to some agreement with the TNA during the 2010 Presidential Campaign.  Full Story

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Mental approach is not right says Mendis
Sri Lanka’s chairman of cricket selectors Duleep Mendis lashed out at the players and coaches of the national cricket team for their dismal performances against Pakistan in the on-going Test series in the United Arab Emirates.
“The performance of our cricketers is way below of what we expected of them,” Mendis told The Nation. Full Story

Southern Sharks dominance in Colombo
Southern Sharks produced another dazzling performance to take major honours on the opening day of the Carlton Super Sevens rugby tournament second leg which commenced at the Royal Sports Complex in Reid Avenue yesterday. The Southern Sharks captained by Amjad Buksh which emerged Cup champions in the first leg staged in Kandy last week came out with a spectacular performance to remain unbeaten in the tournament. Full Story

Traumatic chapter in Pakistan cricket
These are difficult times for Pakistan especially for their cricket and cricketers. The Southwark Crown Court finding three highly talented Pakistan cricketers namely, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir guilty of being involved in a conspiracy to cheat and accept corrupt payments in a spot-fixing scam has once again brought to light the ugly side of the game. Full Story

How Pakistan cricket betting scam unfolded
Members of the Pakistan cricket team have been found guilty of being involved in a betting scam while participating in a Test match against England.
To spectators, three no-balls delivered by members of the Pakistani team during a Test match against England last year were nothing more than slip-ups by some of the world’s most skilful sportsmen. Full Story


Lawlessness on the rise - Dayasiri Jayasekera
“A situation has been created where a section of people closely connected to the government could escape from the clutches of the law after earning enormous amounts of money through illegal means. Ultimately, it is the poor and the innocent who have to pay for all these sins. It is the duty of the Opposition to summon all their strength together and launch a fight against this deteriorating situation faced by the country” Full Story

Reconciliation process is a must
Brig. (Retd) L.C. Perera, former Chief Coordinator for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and also Coordinating Director for the Ministry of Resettlement during the last stages of the war says if the country is to move forward, ethnic reconciliation must come first. Speaking to The Nation, Perera said even though the war had ended, the wounds caused by it still create animosity and division in many quarters. He said while that the main issues needed to be addressed, efforts must be made to reduce the gap between the North and the South... Full Story

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