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Yaka and the unseasonable Santas

Pervert is an interesting word. It now means a sex maniac, but once meant a convert to Christianity who reverted to their old beliefs.
We know many modern Yakas who belong to that category.
As pervs, the only Christmas celebrations we get invited to are put on by Buddhists! After all, most of Colombo’s multinational offices close or hibernate towards the year’s end, regardless of their employees’ beliefs. And as people here also celebrate the widest array of festivals, Buddhist, Saiva, Muslim, Christian, let alone May Day and Women’s Day, those Yakas who love a midnight bang-up may feel left out when all the world seems to revel at this Saturnalian soiree.

The adverted numbers of Xmas’ global sweep are however commercial hyperbole, much like corporate stats that claim so many billions are watching a football game, even as half the world is asleep and the other half awake.
We’ve been to a packed church in China at Christmas, who when the priest said “Let us pray” and some, mainly foreigners, knelt down, most people jumped up and started taking photos. The congregation it seems was mostly local tourists keen on observing ‘devilish’ rituals.

Christmas Soon in June
In the north of this northern hemisphere, as in the lairs of NATO, night threatens by 3 o’clock on late November afternoons! Such rapid dimming is used to justify the earlier and earlier appearance of the shopkeepers’ joy at the birth of Jesus. Especially with the Pentagon’s new billions pocketed, and settler “Thanksgivings” done: there are lotsa turkeys left gobble-gobbling about, awaiting the grim carver.
Christmas aka the winter solstice (when daylight starts to grow longer) is over a month away, but “Let there be light” also becomes the mantra of the General Electric Co. As most of the stars of next month’s Xmas, from a pink baby Jesus to a rosier Santa Claus, all needing batteries or electricity, have already been manufactured by GE units in China.

While only northeastern clouds cast day-lit shadows here momentarily, merchants selling white ‘modernity’ are already flashing the Xmas decor.
What does snow and mistletoe have to do with a man born in West Asia? Shouldn’t the Christmas tree be a date tree or an olive tree rather than a coniferous shrub?
Jesus, black skinned before the crusaders and slavers smeared him white, was born in a cool Club Med climate, in what is now the regularly invaded West Bank. A land where US-funded white settlers regularly uproot the olive trees, those symbols of Palestine, and Bethlehem undergoes NATO-style lockdown, as choirs chirp, “Tis the season to be jolly, Tra la la la la la la la.”
What happened to a Christ born to chase traders and hedge funders from the churches? To the Jesus who said it would be easier for a camel to go thru an eye of a needle than a plutocrat to enter heaven?

No NATO, No Promised Land
It is ironic that many Christians here in Lanka, rather than empathise with the Palestinians, who comprise the Christians in that theatre of agony, instead support the Zionist regime, which claims to represent Jews, who presumably crucified their ‘saviour.’
Now, not for one jiffy do we think Jews killed Jesus. The Roman Empire did. Further, the present turmoil in West Asia, crossroads betwixt 3 continents, is not a matter of Jews versus Muslims and Christians. Israel is a straightforward implantation of white imperialism.

And as for Zionism, while the white Christian variety long predates the Jewish brand, British Petroleum and Exxon fundamentalism trumps them all. No oily wells, no holy land.
Support for the Israelis among some Christians and others here seems not for religious but political solidarity for the white man’s imperial project, which then robes its nakedness in religious raiment.
In the same way, Christmas ain’t a religious festival anymore, but a ‘multicultural’ merchant extravagansa. Tsunamis of sugar, alcohol and other chemistries, cooked flesh and glossy wrapping, swarm over the populace, knocking down Jew and Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu alike, like a NATO juggernaut.
For Christians, faced by months-long over-dosages of mammon proclaiming “Happy” this and “Merry” that, overwhelming all common fellowship they wish Christianity upholds, December is actually the prime month for suicide and its tendencies.

More so this Christmas when it seems a Christian god will treat mainly Catholic countries in one way and Protestants in yet another, like in Kanatte. (Cash-strapped Ireland has already apologised for closing its embassy in the Vatican! And condom prices have fallen in Dublin!)
Portugal, Spain and Italy, slow to industrialise due to their rulers once looting the world, would have been long underdeveloped like us, if the white man had been unable to attack the Americas, Africa or Asia. These early-day imperialists are also unable to defend their former colonial possessions and privileges.
Again, this crisis has to do with religion only if you insist. As historian Christopher Hill states, “Men did not become capitalists because they were Protestants, nor Protestants because they were capitalists. In a society already becoming capitalist, Protestantism facilitated the triumph of new values.”
Besides, all this jive about ‘Protestant work ethics’ always leaves us comatose. If they liked work so much, how come they got ‘slaves’ to do it?
Thirty years ago it was all ‘Third World’ debt. Today it is the white man’s debt.
O how things change. O how they pervert!