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Aries (Mesha): You can look forward to a rise in your career or a high position in the state service, possibly a posting to high diplomatic office abroad given the highly potent effects produced by the exalted Jupiter in the 4th conjunct with Sun as the lord of the 5th and the exalted Saturn, the ruler of...
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Jupiter exalted in the 4th quadrant itself is a position capable of raising you to great heights. In the present context, the beneficial effect has got immensely enhanced with the Yogakaraka Sun moving into Cancer in the 4th to form Jupiter-Sun combination as the lords of the 5th and 9th Moolatrikonas. If your Lagna lords are favorable,
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Jupiter exalted in the 4th quadrant as the lord of the 9th and Saturn exalted in the 7th as the lord of the 10th have placed you in a favorable position that assures you high status, fame, living comforts, academic achievements, career success and general prosperity among many other benefits. Your influence, power and authority are due to take
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Lagnadhipati retrograde Mars is due to move back into Libra in the 7th on July 14, a few hours after Rahu journeying into Virgo from Libra and Ketu leaving the Lagna for the Pisces in the 12th. Meanwhile, Venus now transiting in Taurus commanding Swakshetra status is due to make way into Gemini in the 3rd. Given this situation where…
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You are assured of high status, success in educational pursuits, happy family life, luxuries and living comforts thanks to Jupiter moving into your 4th House in Cancer on June 19. You are already fortified with the effects of Sasa Maha Yoga resulting from exalted Saturn in your 7th quadrant. Meanwhile, Venus attains Swakshetra in the 2nd in Taurus on June…
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All natives are stepping into an astrologically significant week beginning this Sunday which will witness the rare phenomenon of four of the nine planets in positions of unusual strength due to attaining either Swakshetra or exaltation (Uchcha) status. This rare event will occur when Venus moves into Taurus
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Lagnadhipati Mars continuing transit in the 6th Upachaya House stabilizes your position of authority and gives you the strength to overpower enemies and rivals and also overcome obstacles. A positive frame of mind, an increase in wealth and happiness in the family are among the benefits that can result from the Sun powerfully placed between benefics.
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Lagnadhipati Mars in the 6th continues to confer on you power, authority and influence and also a whip hand over your enemies and rivals. Venus in the Lagna keeps you in a cheerful spirit and insulates you from anxieties and physical harm. Sun in the 2nd House confers high status, moral strength, self-confidence and peace and harmony in the family.
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Lagnadhipati Mars in the 6th continues to confer on you power, authority and influence and also the ability to overcome enemies and rivals. Venus in the Lagna gives you a buoyant spirit and protects you from tragic circumstances. Sun in the 2nd House flanked by Jupiter and Mercury in its 2nd and by Mercury in its 12th assures you high
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Lagnadhipati Mars in the 6th continues to fortify you with power and authority and a whip hand over rivals and enemies. Increased wealth, peace and harmony in the family and clear thinking will result from the influence of Sun-Mercury combination in the 2nd House. Honors in foreign lands and gains from foreign sources are in the offing for those running
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You have to go low profile during the next few days as the Sun is gradually losing the strength deriving from exalted status which may result in a slight decline in your power and influence. However, Lagnadhipati Mars in the 6th continues to be a source of great strength giving you courage, a positive outlook and a whip hand over
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he favorable period continues with Lagnadhipati Mars strong in the 6th, Sun exalted in the Lagna, Saturn exalted in addition to commanding Digbala in the 7th, Venus exalted in the 12th producing the beneficial effects of Vimala Yoga and Mercury and Jupiter transiting in the 2nd and 3rd Houses respectively. You are assured of increased wealth,
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The favorable period that comes once a year due to Sun attaining exaltation in Aries continues assuring you of self-confidence, moral strength, drive and motivation. Lagnadhipati Mars in the 6th Upachaya House gives you power and authority and places you in an unassailable position. Exalted Venus in the 12th and exalted Saturn in the 7th producing the effects of
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An annular solar eclipse is due to occur in the 1st quarter of Bharani (Berana) constellation about 14 degrees in Aries about 1.28pm April 28 and you are advised to avoid embarking on any auspicious event or activity from April 25 to May 2. The seven-day period involved is general unfavorable as the solar eclipse is due to come under…
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You are entering the dawn of the traditional New Year on a very auspicious footing with the Sun exalted in the Lagna fortifying you with health, physical fitness, dynamism, a high morale and buoyant spirit. You will outshine others wherever you are. However, you have to resist the tendency to become arrogant. Mars in the 6th brings you influence, power
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You will find yourself in an unassailable position where none would dare challenge your authority. However, you have to avoid clashes with the rulers at least until April 15. Unconventional love relationships and matrimonial ties are in the offing for the young unmarried subjects. Much traveling, diplomatic and political success and foreign honors are indicated for the subjects
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Setbacks in business, misunderstandings with friends and associates and developments affecting goodwill of business partners are likely unless you act with circumspect and foresight. Disappointments and financial losses are in store for subjects in the fields of learning and communications in particular after April 4.
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Your marital problems and disputes and misunderstandings with your spouse will end or ease off with Lagnadhipathi Mars entering the 6th House in Virgo on March 25. You will become more energetic and proactive than before. Threats and challenges to your position and authority will disappear. You will experience an increase in your influence and power if you are holding
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With Lagnadhipati Mars in retrograde motion, you are advised to put on hold all vital decisions and new activity relating to employment, matrimonial matters and foreign transactions. If you now experience lack of vigor and loss of sense of direction, consider it a passing phase. If you suffered setbacks in your journalistic or literary activity and in relations with siblings,
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Unexpected developments in marital relations are likely to cause disputes and clashes with the spouse and disharmony in the family. An outsider entering the scene could aggravate the situation. However, psychological stability and endurance provided by Saturn in the 7th would come as a blessing. Sun in the 11th is favorable for the subjects engaged in leading and motivating people.
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