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You are entering the dawn of the traditional New Year on a very auspicious footing with the Sun exalted in the Lagna fortifying you with health, physical fitness, dynamism, a high morale and buoyant spirit. You will outshine others wherever you are. However, you have to resist the tendency to become arrogant. Mars in the 6th brings you influence, power
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You will find yourself in an unassailable position where none would dare challenge your authority. However, you have to avoid clashes with the rulers at least until April 15. Unconventional love relationships and matrimonial ties are in the offing for the young unmarried subjects. Much traveling, diplomatic and political success and foreign honors are indicated for the subjects
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Setbacks in business, misunderstandings with friends and associates and developments affecting goodwill of business partners are likely unless you act with circumspect and foresight. Disappointments and financial losses are in store for subjects in the fields of learning and communications in particular after April 4.
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Your marital problems and disputes and misunderstandings with your spouse will end or ease off with Lagnadhipathi Mars entering the 6th House in Virgo on March 25. You will become more energetic and proactive than before. Threats and challenges to your position and authority will disappear. You will experience an increase in your influence and power if you are holding
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With Lagnadhipati Mars in retrograde motion, you are advised to put on hold all vital decisions and new activity relating to employment, matrimonial matters and foreign transactions. If you now experience lack of vigor and loss of sense of direction, consider it a passing phase. If you suffered setbacks in your journalistic or literary activity and in relations with siblings,
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Unexpected developments in marital relations are likely to cause disputes and clashes with the spouse and disharmony in the family. An outsider entering the scene could aggravate the situation. However, psychological stability and endurance provided by Saturn in the 7th would come as a blessing. Sun in the 11th is favorable for the subjects engaged in leading and motivating people.
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A significant rise in career or a new position carrying power and authority is in the offing for the subjects with Mars as the Maha Dasa lord. However, time is not favorable for events connected with matrimony. An increase in income, events leading to raising status and reputation and a new love relationship are strongly indicated.
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Venus moving into your 10th House from the 9th will bring you mixed results. You can look forward to business and career success and gainful foreign travel. You have to guard yourself against attempts to bring you into disrepute. Lagnadhipati Mars conjunct with exalted Saturn and Rahu in the 7th can bring political success and foreign honors.
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Honors and high achievements for the subjects engaged in foreign diplomatic service are strongly indicated. Prospects of high gains from foreign trade are also bright. Those with weak natal Mars and Saturn and running unfavorable Dasas should brace for marital and career problems. Sun-Mercury combination indicates high gains from business,
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Sun in the 10th commanding Digbala endows you with boldness, a spirit of adventure, ability to take quick and correct decisions and much personal influence. This is a position very favorable for the subjects holding leadership and decision making positions in politics, corporate management and public service. High position, power and authority and fame
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A powerful Sun in the 10th commanding Digbala holds out political success and favors from those holding high office. The subjects would become less aggressive and less proactive with Lagnadhipati Mars moving into Libra in the 7th House on February 4. There also could be a slowdown in your workaday activity as well. High returns from business
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Jupiter in the 3rd as the lord of 9th Bhagyasthana continues to endow you with charm and virtue. You are in for high office if your career is political or military. Even otherwise, you are assured of the stability of the position you hold. Fulfillment of an aspiration relating to a child and filial love will bring you happiness. Gainful
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With a strong Mars in the 6th you are assured of political and business success and an edge over your rivals and competitors. You can look forward to a sound financial position as well. Fame, a rise to a higher position or rank or a position of authority are in the offing for subjects with Sun as the Dasa lord.
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Success in political or military career is on the cards with Sun becoming powerful in the 10th House. Wealth through fair means, a good reputation and the capacity to make friends are also on the cards. You are also likely to develop a charitable and philanthropic disposition. The subjects engaged in trade and commerce are assured of an edge over
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A rise in career or a new job and a change for the better in your outlook and disposition are indicated due to the influence of Mercury who has just moved into your 10th House. An increase in income is in the offing for the subjects engaged in business. Sun in the 9th is not favorable for father.
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Gains from foreign sources, marital happiness and love and romance are indicated for the subjects with retrograde Venus moving into Sagittarius in the 9th House on January 6. Foreign travel is likely for those in right circumstances. Relief from financial constraints, physical soundness and success over enemies, rivals and competitors are the endowments that you can expect from Mars in…
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Victory in contests and competitions and success in challenging jobs would come to you as a matter of course due to the beneficial influence Lagnadhipati Mars continuing transit in the 6th House. However, Mars being in Virgo can cause you ailments in the digestive system and worries from near relatives. This position enables holders of political office
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You will feel a marked improvement in your health and new upsurge of energy with Sun and Mercury leaving the 8th for the 9th on December 16 and December 20 respectively. Sun in Sagittarius also imbues you with a sense of justice and generosity and compassion for all. Your plans to travel abroad will succeed. Being under the beneficial influence…
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You are assured of success in all undertakings, a whip hand over enemies, rivals and competitors and a sound financial position with Lagnadhipati Mars transiting your 6th House. This is a very favorable position for holders and seekers of political office, executives and those occupying leadership positions. Exalted Saturn in the 7th quadrant commanding Digbala as
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