What the stars foretell for your Lagna By Sudarshi

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Aries (Mesha): You are likely to develop an altruistic and philanthropic bent and incur heavy expenses on activity meant to provide succor to the needy and the poor. Venus in the Lagna imbues you with self-confidence and a cheerful disposition and protects you from physical harm. You also can look forward to increased gains from business and other pursuits. However, a drop in your power and authority is on the cards. Rahu powerfully occupying the 6th House prevents a fall from power. A comfortable living, family happiness and success in educational pursuits are assured by exalted Jupiter in the 4th quadrant.

Taurus (Vrushabha): You will find yourself in the company of people wielding power and authority. Venus in the 12th House as the lord of the 6th House will fortify you with boldness, moral strength and a pragmatic outlook. Mars in the 11th House assures an increase in income, but could sour relations with friends and associates. Mercury now transiting your 10th House will greatly help stabilize your career. Unexpected financial gains are on the cards for natives running Rahu Maha Dasa.

Gemini (Mithuna): The powerful Sun-Mars combination in the 10th will bring you a rise in your career and fame if the Dasas in operation are also favorable. Lagnadhipati Mercury in the 9th House confers gainful travel abroad, pilgrimages and general prosperity. You are assured of domestic harmony and a steady income on a long-term basis thanks to the exalted Jupiter in the 2nd House. Venus in the 11th House holds out the company of friends and patronage from those holding high office.

Cancer (Kataka): Mercury in the 8th House as the lord of the 6th imbues you with a pragmatic outlook, a keen perception and the moral strength to resist the pull towards vices. You have to be on your guard to ward off possible attempts at sullying your reputation. Mars in the 9th as the lord of the 5th House can bring you fame and prosperity, but you are prone to accidents while on travel if your natal Mars is weak. Exalted Jupiter in the Lagna and powerful Rahu in the 3rd House are capable of countering malefic planetary influences to a great extent and stabilize your status.

Leo (Simha): Honors and recognition are on the cards for writers and journalists. You can look forward to high returns from investments in foreign deals as well. The ongoing period is not auspicious for any event connected with matrimony. You also have to take precautions against contagious diseases. Venus due to move into your 9th House as the 10th lord will bring stability to your career, status and financial position. You are strongly advised to avoid risk-involved activity at least until march 23.

Virgo (Kanya): Rash actions and hasty decisions can lead you to difficulties. You have to take special care to safeguard your health. Rahu in the Lagna is a warning against rushing headlong into action. Sun in the 6th House gives you power and influence. There is a threat to life for those running Saturn’s Maha Dasa or a Shani Erashtaka. High political office is on the cards for natives engaged in politics if they are running favorable Dasas.
Libra (Thula): The powerful Sun-Mars combination in the 6th House can confer power, authority and influence on you. The ongoing period is favorable in particular for natives seeking or holding high political office. Marital problems and illness of the spouse are likely to cause concern to married natives. Peace, comforts and luxuries as well as educational success are assured by Mercury in your 5th House. He will also bring you happiness from children and success in academic efforts and in sports. You have to be on your guard to prevent possible injury to right eye and face.

Scorpio (Vrushika): Gains even from enemies and rivals are on the cards. Lagnadhipati Mars in the 5th can bring honors and rewards for your prowess in sports but the personal safety of your children can be a source of anxiety and concern. Rahu powerfully placed in the 11th House fortifies you with courage and resourcefulness to overcome any formidable challenge. You can look forward to enhanced living comforts, success in educational pursuits and harmony in the family.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): Threats to domestic harmony, disputes with relatives and setbacks to educational pursuits are on the cards. Journalists and writers can look forward to rewards and high recognition if they are running favorable Dasas. The ongoing period is favorable for artistes as well. Heavy expenses, attempts at sullying your reputation and involvement in litigation are likely if you are running the Saturn’s Maha or Antar Dasa. Rahu strong in the 10th Karmasthana can bring fame and political success.

Capricorn (Makara): Power, authority and influence are on the cards if you are in right circumstances. The ongoing period is favorable in particular to those engaged in active politics. You can look forward to enhanced living comforts, domestic peace and success in educational pursuits with Venus powerful in the 4th quadrant. Lagnadhipati Saturn can bring you gains from agricultural and mining activity, but distance you from friends and associates. Mercury in your 2nd House assures you of increased wealth and domestic happiness and harmony.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Material gains from the spouse are likely. But there can be serious disruptions to domestic peace. Mercury in your Lagna enables you to win the hearts and minds of others with pleasing words and manners. Lagnadhipati Saturn in the 10th House can confer on you fame and career success. But if your natal Saturn is weak or you are running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Saturn even the loss of career or a drop in your status is possible. Swakshetra Rahu in the 8th House confers gains from partnerships. .

Pisces (Meena): Sun-Mars combination in the Lagna makes you dynamic and proactive, but you are prone to accidents that can cause head injuries. Lagnadhipati Jupiter exalted in the 5th House continues to confer on you happiness from children, business success and a sharp increase in income. Gainful foreign travel is on the cards for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa. You can look forward to an increase in income and peace and happiness in the family.

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