What the stars foretell for your Lagna By Sudarshi

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(For the week from May 10 Sunday to May 16 Saturday)

Aries (Mesha): A very auspicious period you have been going through ends when the Sun no longer exalted moves into your 2nd House on May 15. Mars-mercury combination in the 2nd House indicates an increase in income, but new problems are likely to mar the peace and harmony in the family. You also have to resist the inclination to be rude to others. Rahu powerfully occupying the 6th House prevents a fall from power. Jupiter exalted in the 4th quadrant continues to confer luxuries and living comforts.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Prosperity and festivities in the family are in store for you. Mars-Mercury combination in the Lagna strengthens your personality and imbues you with drive and dynamism and gives you a new zest for life. These benefits will further improve when the Sun moves into your Lagna on May 15. A rise in your status is likely if your Dasas are also favorable. You will find yourself in the company of people wielding power and authority.

Gemini (Mithuna): This is going to be a decisive week for you with the Sun exalted in your 11th House providing you with a shield from all malefic influences poised to enter your 12th House in Taurus on May 15. You have to brace yourself for a decline in your power and influence in the days to come. Mars now in your 12th House too has now turned evil and may greatly weaken your status. You have to avoid disputes and clashes and exercise prudence and restraint in asserting your authority and influence. Venus in your Lagna protects you from any physical harm while imbuing with a cheerful disposition.

Cancer (Kataka): The ongoing week can become crucial for your career and status with the powerful Sun in the 10th House due to leave it for the 11th short of much of its power. Mars–Mercury combination in the 11th House assures you of a steady income and business success. Rahu in the 3rd House is capable of countering malefic planetary influences to a great extent and stabilizing your status. Exalted Jupiter in the Lagna continues to be your main source of strength.

Leo (Simha): Lagnadhipati Sun losing its exalted status when it moves into your 10th House will have no adverse effect on you as the Sun is due to gain Digbala in the 10th House. Mars already powerfully placed there further strengthens your favorable position. You can look forward to a rise in your career, fame and higher status if your Dasas are also favorable. You are likely to become active in your social circuit and enjoy the support and the goodwill of important people. Exalted Jupiter in the 12th House provides inspiration to tread the righteous path.

Virgo (Kanya): An eventful week is ahead of you. There might be far-reaching changes in your general affairs. Fame and higher status are in store for your father. A distant journey, possibly foreign travel is in the offing for you. You have to be on the lookout for attempts at sullying your reputation. Rahu in the Lagna is a warning against rushing headlong into action. Success in literary and journalistic pursuits is on the cards. Jupiter exalted in the 11th House is a source of great strength that assures you of stability even in times of adversity.

Libra (Thula): You also have to brace for setbacks and disappointments in the days to come. Time ahead is not auspicious for foreign dealings and foreign travels either. However, the stability of status and career, sources of income and general prosperity will remain unaffected. An eventful week is ahead of you. Your personal safety is at risk until Mars leaves your 8th House. You have to avoid risk-involved activity such as boat rides, jungle treks, sea bathing, martial sports, etc. for some time.

Scorpio (Vrushika): You have to remember that you are now going through the second-phase of the three-phase Lagna Shani Erashtaka. This is a period that puts your caliber, mettle and integrity on trial. A bright time is ahead if you emerge successfully from this trial. Venus in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House fortifies you with acumen, moral strength and courage. If you are married, you have to pay greater attention to the health and safety of your spouse. You are advised to keep a low profile and desist from trying to assert your authority.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): Your power, influence and authority is due to get a fillip when the Sun moves into your 6th House on May 15 to conjoin Mars who is powerfully placed there. If your Dasas are also favorable you may secure high executive or political office. However, you are prone to ailments that can affect the organs in the low abdomen. Lagnadhipati Jupiter in exaltation in the 8th protects you from physical harm. Success in all undertakings and high achievements are on the cards.

Capricorn (Makara): You have to avoid entering into land and vehicle deals for about one month. An advice to native who are expectant mothers: Avoid childbirth by Caesarian operation until June 17. Exalted Jupiter in the 7th makes your present status highly favorable. Meanwhile, Mercury in the 5th Moolatrikona and Swakshetra Rahu in the 9th Moolatrikona further augment the auspicious position. If natal Rahu is strong and if you are running Rahu Maha Dasa you will certainly rise to a very high position.

Aquarius (Kumbha): You are likely to suffer a decline in your power, influence and authority. The 5th lord Mercury occupying the 4th House owned by Venus while Venus occupying 5th House owned by Mercury producing a Mercury-Venus Parivartana yoga holds out enhanced living comforts, luxuries, peace and happiness among a host of other benefits. The ongoing period is very favorable for natives proficient in maths and sciences.

Pisces (Meena): A position where you can wield power and authority is in the offing if you are running favorable Dasas of Sun and Mars. Venus in the friendly sign of Gemini in the 4th House assures living comforts, comfortable travels and success in plans to acquire lands and other property. Lagnadhipati Jupiter exalted in the 5th House continues to confer on you happiness from children, business success and a sharp increase in income. Gainful foreign travels are in the offing if you are in appropriate circumstances.

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