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Foreign inflows to CSE tops US $305m

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Foreign investments at the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in 2012 resulted in a net inflow of US dollars 305 million compared to the net outflow of US dollars 171 million recorded in 2011. There has been a significant increase in foreign investments in Government securities, with net inflows to Treasury bills and Treasury bonds during 2012 amounting to US dollars 843 million compared to the net inflow of US dollars 233 million in 2011. Further, long-term loans obtained by the government during 2012 amounted to US dollars 2,869 million, while long-term borrowings by commercial banks during 2012 amounted to US dollars 973 million. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), including foreign loans obtained by BOI companies, amounted to US dollars 615 million for the first nine months of 2012, and more inflows are expected to have materialised during the remainder of the year 2012. Gross official reserves amounted to US dollars 6,877 million by end 2012, while total international reserves which include gross official reserves and foreign assets of commercial banks, amounted to US dollars 8,358 million by end 2012. In terms of months of imports, gross official reserves were equivalent to 4.3 months of imports by end 2012, while total reserves were equivalent to 5.3 months of imports.

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