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Teacher strike 80% successful, trade unions claim

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The island-wide token strike launched by teacher unions today was 'around 80% successful', according to General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union (CTU) Joseph Stalin. He claimed state-run schools throughout the island, including those in the north and east, were severely affected by the strike.

"Schools in places such as Kilinochchi, Mannar in the north, Akkaraipattu and Samanthurai in the east, and Beliatta and Tangalle in the south were all affected. This shows just how successful the strike was", he said. Stalin claimed the government had tried extremely hard to derail the strike, with mud slinging campaigns being carried out in the state media, and even claimed CID officers had been sent to various schools the day before to interrogate identified union activists. "However, despite all these attempts, we were able to conclude a highly successful token strike", he added. 

He warned the government teacher unions would initiate stronger trade union action in January 2013 if their demands were not met.

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