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Motion on Sri Lanka rejected in German Parliament

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A motion on Sri Lanka's human rights issues submitted to the German Parliament has been rejected, the Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry said on Saturday.The ministry said that the motion titled "Use the UN Human Rights Council and Demand Observance of Laws, Human Rights and Reconciliation Process in Sri Lanka" was put forward by the German opposition Social Democratic party (SPD) group.

However, the German ruling party voted against the motion as the German government was already actively working with the international community and the Sri Lankan government to address issues related to it.The Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry quoted German Parliamentarian Pascal Kober as saying that the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Government was very active in the promotion of peace and human rights in Sri Lanka.

"With these activities, this governing coalition supports the long-term process of reconciliation between the formerly conflicting parties in Sri Lanka and thus promotes the step-by- step realization of the Human Rights by the Sri Lankan government, " he said.The submission of the motion at the German parliament comes at a time when the Sri Lankan government is facing allegations of human rights abuses and the failure to take accountability measures over some of the incidents alleged to have taken place during the war.

The United States is expected to submit a resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council which is currently meeting in Geneva.The Sri Lankan government has denied most of the allegations related to human rights abuses and has asked for credible evidence to back such claims.(Xinhua)

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