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OUSL Sathyagraha continues

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The Satyagraha Campaign which has been continued for last 32 days at the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) seems no end as the discussions between the students and the administration as well as the politicians has failed.

Speaking to The Nation yesterday (January 17), Inter-University Students’ Federation Convener, Najith Indika explained that they were still going to continue the protests. According to him, the officials have failed to give a solution to the main demand of reducing the university course fee.

“Normally, there is an annual increment of the course fee by 15%. But the increment of the course fee since past two years has been so unfair and an average student is unable to afford such amount,” explained Najith. He further added that there has been a 100 to 150 percent increase in the course fee in 2013 and 2014.

OUSL Students’ Union Convener Amila Sandaruwan said that the Prof. Rajva Wijesinha after assuming duties as the Minister of Higher Education on January 16 has mentioned about the current issues of the OUSL and has vowed to remove ban on student unions and to remove suspensions on student activists. The Minister has requested the student activists to remove the temporary stage used for the protest. But he has failed come to an agreement regarding the reduction of the course fee.

Meanwhile UNP provincial councillor, Daya Gamage has also visited the place where the students were conducting the protest yesterday (January 17) and has discussed about the current situation with the students while inquiring about their demands and complaints. According to OUSL Students’ Union the activists will continue Satyagraha Campaign until the reduction of course fee.

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