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No more Deyata Kirula shows

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Government decides to end the Deyata Kirula national development exhibition which coincides with the Independent Day celebrations during last few years. New government’s policy of cutting down all unnecessary expenditure has made the decision firm.  

The Deyata Kirula development exhibition was held annually since 2006 to coincide with the Independence Day celebrations and last year it was held in Kuliyapitiya.  Public Administration and Home Affairs Minister Joseph Michael Perera said that not a single development project connected to the exhibition will be stopped and all those will be completed under due supervision.

The exhibition which was due for this year was planned to be held in Matara.

The government on Saturday has also decided to cancel the place of the Independence Day celebrations considering the cost factor. Previous Government had planned it to be held this year in Hambantota, but new government has already changed the venue and accordingly it will be held in Sri Jayawardenepura , Kotte.


Last modified on Monday, 19 January 2015 21:25

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