Suspect nabbed for trying to extort Rs.3 million

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A suspect who had allegedly attempted to extort Rs.3 million from a the owner of a vehicle dealership along Matale Road, Dambulla has been arrested by police.

According to Police Media Unit, the arrest was made following a complaint made to the Dambulla police on January 5 that a suspect had threatened the businessman with death over the phone and had demanded Rs.3 million from him. The suspect had threatened the businessman over the phone on several occasions and had even given him bank account numbers to deposit the extortion money.

Upon further investigations conducted after informing the Dambulla Magistrate's Court over the complaint, police were able to arrest the suspect yesterday (January 22). Police had also been able to recover two mobile phones and four SIM cards the suspect had allegedly used to threaten the complainant.

The suspect, a 20 year old resident of Bambaragaswewa, Galewela, had sent several SMS messages to owners of vehicle dealerships in several other areas demanding money, investigations have revealed. Further investigations are ongoing and the suspect is due to be produced before the Dambulla Magistrate's Court today (January 23).

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