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JVP forms committee to collect info on victims of political revenge

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The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has established a committee to find out about victims of political revenge during the former government’s tenure.

The committee is named as “Committee to Collect Information on Victims of Political Injustice and Revenge during the Rajapaksa Government.”

JVP Central Committee Member Nalin de Jayathissa said at a media briefing yesterday that the public can also inform about financial fraud conducted by government officials from top to bottom.

Jayathissa said that people were already complaining about the delay in dealing with some people accused of fraud or crimes. The JVP was making its intervention in this regard within the National Executive Council, the parliament and outside as well. This committee is one such endeavor, he said.

The objective will be to strengthen the democratic institutions and give a precedent to those who are entering politics, he said. However, the main focus of the committee will be to act on behalf of those who were been forgotten in the larger discourse, the private individuals and small businessmen who were victims of injustice, Jayathissa said.

Complaints can be forwarded to the following telephone numbers.

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