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FLSP takes the battle 'international'

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A letter signed by Sri Lankans in Switzerland urging the government to assure Kumar Gunaratnam the right to engage in politics was handed over to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Geneva.

The letter also urged the government to safeguard the rights of all activists who were forced to go on exile during the last few years.

Frontline Socialist Party (FLSP) argues that its Central Committee Member Kumar Gunaratnam was one of those who left the country in fear for their lives and should be given the right to engage in politics in the country.

He was questioned in late January by the Immigration and Emigration Department on taking part in political activities while on a tourist visa.

FLSP said that demonstrations will be held on February 6 in Paris and on February 7 in Milano and London.

Last modified on Tuesday, 03 February 2015 11:24
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