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BJP releases vision document for Delhi elections

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Four days before elections in Delhi, the BJP today released its vision document 2050, promising a world class city, a corruption free government and 24-hour water supply. The party's presumptive chief minister Kiran Bedi said the document has over 270 points and addresses 35 areas that impact "every single person in Delhi."

Ms Bedi was flanked by senior leader Anant Kumar and state BJP chief Satish Upadhyay. "Corruption in any department will not be tolerated. This includes the police," said the former police officer.

Ms Bedi has already extensively tweeted what she calls 'Kiran's blueprint' for Delhi.

The document focuses on development in line with PM Modi's agenda.

Last week, the BJP scrapped plans to release a manifesto and decided to give Delhi the vision document instead; the manifesto was reportedly stuck due to differences between key state leaders over the demand for full statehood for Delhi.

That lack of consonance - mainly a deep sulk among senior leaders over Ms Bedi being picked to lead - has the BJP worried as it battles a resurgent Aam Aadmi Party, whose chief Arvind Kejriwal the party acknowledges is the man to beat.

Several pre-election surveys give AAP an edge in the elections to be held on Saturday, February 7, and the BJP has, in a last lap burst, deployed its topmost leaders campaign in the city, led by PM Modi who addressed two rallies in two days over the weekend and addresses another today.

NDTV's poll of three major opinion polls says Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Admi Party will get 37 seats in the Delhi election -two more than the half-way mark - and the BJP will place second with 29 seats, two down from the last election in December 2013.

The BJP has been out of power in Delhi for the last 16 years. It fell four seats short of a majority in the last assembly elections in December 2013. AAP was runners-up with 28 seats in the 70 member assembly.

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