BASL urges for early establishment of CC

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Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) in a statement said that though they admire the passage of the 19th Amendment, it does not wholly meet the aspirations of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and all those committed to strengthening democracy, the independence of the judiciary and the Rule of Law.

The BASL remains of the view that the Constitutional Council should comprise of a majority of persons who are not politicians and are distinguished in public life. Regrettably the 19th Amendment fell short of this goal, in that the Constitutional Council will now comprise a majority of politicians. The statement also said that they are also disappointed that the final version left out the provision requiring the views of the BASL and other stakeholders to be sought in the appointment of Judges to the Superior Courts.

“The Bar Association of Sri Lanka is hopeful that these shortcomings will be addressed in time to come. In the meantime the Bar Association of Sri Lanka will continue to engage the relevant authorities and persons on its position on interests of democracy and the sovereignty of the people.It is now the duty of all concerned to ensure that the 19th Amendment is implemented in the same spirit that it was passed. Care must be taken that the 19th Amendment does not have the same fate which befell the 17th Amendment.”

They have also urged all relevant parties to  to ensure the early establishment of the Constitutional Council and Independent Commissions and to ensure the appointment of qualified and suitable persons to these offices, so that the process of accountable government will be entrenched in our society.

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