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Highly Trusted IDM Diplomas After A/L

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IDM has been offering a number of Diplomas for the School Leavers with O/L or A/L to enter the industry or to continue higher studies. These Diplomas have been well accepted by the industry and the higher education institutions. They have a remarkable history and developed year over year to match with requirements of the prevailing industry and further education institutions. Our first Diploma was one of the Diplomas accepted by TVEC (Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission, Sri Lanka). It also was gazetted by the Government of Sri Lanka as an entry qualification for employment in the Government Sector.

Acceptance & International Recognition:
These Diplomas also have been accepted by many international institutions such as NCC, BCS, ACS as a foundation diploma to enter their programs. In addition to being accepted as an entry qualification they gave exemptions in their first module or semester to continue higher studies. It has been developed to a level where it has been accepted by leading international universities as the minimum entry requirement for their undergraduate programs. This has led to the international recognition of IDM Diplomas and was made known worldwide. The Edexcel International UK has approved IDM Diploma in ICT as the first in Sri Lanka to be internationally recognized and offered BTEC qualification as well as Level 03 Edexcel accreditation certification.

While we were being internationally recognized by international as well local organizations and institutions we have continually developed the course contents to keep the required standards, both in the content and the way of presentation. These improvements have led us to be recognized by another international qualification awarding body from UK which is EdHat International. 

As School Leavers after A/L with your aspiration to start your higher education, our diploma programs provide you the ideal opportunity as they are all developed to the level of a 1st Semester equivalent standard of a 3 year specialized degree qualification.  This process does not involve any additional cost or transfer fees for the student to continue their education from the 2nd semesters. This assures continuation of your higher education to attain a bachelor’s degree in Sri Lanka or in the UK, New Zealand or Australia of your choice.

For those who have completed A/L, IDM offers a series of internationally recognized diplomas (Edexcel Accredited*, EdHat International Qualification) in ICT, English, Teaching & Education, Business Management, Electronics & Telecommunications, and Human Resources Management.  Equipped with a track record of having assisted thousands of students for the past 31 years in Sri Lanka, we are all set to welcome Students who have sat for GCE A/L, where you can confidently enroll for the September 2012 intake for these prestigious diplomas offered at all the study centers of the IDM Nations Campus Island wide offering you a world class learning experience.

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