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High octane fuel usage doubles in Feb.

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The recent drastic reduction of fuel prices has resulted in a major surge in the consumption of fuel in the country where usage of High Octane Petrol in particular has doubled in February 2015 compared to January 2015, a senior official said. Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy, Dr. S. Batagoda said that a drastic increase in consumption witnessed during the last two months was mainly due to the fuel price reduction in January.

Accordingly, the consumption of 95 Octane Petrol in the month of February has increased from 125,000 litres in January to 285,000 litres. The usage of high octane fuel has been encouraged by experts as they have higher activation energy requirements and therefore it is less likely that a given compression will cause uncontrolled ignition, otherwise known as autoignition or detonation.

The price of High Octane was reduced to Rs. 128 from Rs. 158. Batagoda speaking at a recently held interim budget seminar pointed out that the reduction in prices had only benefited the people as they were now able to purchase high quality fuel for lower price. Incidentally, the price of 92Octane petrol was earlier sold at Rs. 150 before it was reduced to Rs. 117 in January.

Transport experts however state that it was too soon to make assessment on the impact of the increase in the usage of High Octane petrol. When contacted, Senior Lecturer, Department of Transport and Logistics  Management, Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Amal Kumarage said it was difficult to point a reason for such a situation within a short period of time.

He stated that the increase in consumption could be attributed to more one reason. Accordingly, the reason for the increase could either be attributed to the increase in vehicular traffic following the price reduction of fuel, and vehicles, or due to existing vehicles opting for the high octane petrol.

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