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Confusion drives quadricycle

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Despite foreign media reports last week stating that Bajaj would commence production of its quadricycle to its export market including Sri Lanka, the vehicle, whose registration process is already fighting a legal battle in India, faces a state of confusion in Sri Lanka due to the absence of a category for registration, under the present regulations. 

The Economic Times of India last week reported that Bajaj was looking at introducing the vehicle in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Nigeria due to the delay in its introduction in India owing to legal battles.

However, officials at the Department of Motor Traffic last week confirmed that they were yet to approve the vehicle. The approval has been delayed owing to the absence of a category for the vehicle and due to safety concerns after preliminary inspection processes.

Officials stated that Sri Lanka did not have a category for quadricycle, a vehicle mostly used in hotel premises. Accordingly, a cabinet paper was to be prepared and submitted for the vehicle to be approved. However, officials stated that the process was still ongoing and nothing had been finalized.

In addition, the officials also stated that the vehicle could not be allowed in the roads due to safety concerns. “The vehicle has to be remodeled if we are to approve it,” an official said last week.

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