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Pricing formula for bread also soon

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J.M.A. Douglas J.M.A. Douglas

The Consumer Affair Authority (CAA) has commenced discussions on a fresh pricing formula for bread based on its weight instead of the prevailing system, a senior official said.

Director General, CAA, J.M.A. Douglas speaking to The Nation Gain stated that according to the current pricing regulations, it was mandatory for bakers to maintain the weight of bread at 450 grams. “That is the standard weight according to the current pricing regulations,” he said.

The CAA recently announced that consumers, from next month, would be allowed to weigh the products that they purchased in order to ascertain the accuracy of what had been printed on packages.

Accordingly, consumers can weigh bread and other products at grocery outlets, bakeries and supermarkets before purchase and complain if it is not the actual weight.

However, questions were raised as to how consumers could ascertain the weight of products such as bread, which were not packaged and whose weight could vary.
Douglas stated that the reason for standardizing the weight of bread was to avoid such confusions. However, the CAA had on earlier occasions come across situations where bakers fail to keep to the stipulated weight.

However, the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association (ACBOA), while welcoming the move to allow consumers to weigh the products before purchase, has suggested that prices of items such as bread be calculated according to its weight.
President of the association, M.K. Jayawardena when contacted by
the Nation Gain stated that formulating a pricing method based on the weight would be a better option than the current system.
“We have requested the officials to consider our proposal. We hope that our proposal is taken into consideration by the authorities in arriving at a decision,” Jayawardena added.

Douglas in the meantime confirmed that the matter was in its discussion stages and therefore, a definite answer could not be provided for the time being. “If we do decide on a change in pricing for bread, then we will have to amend the Act as well. That is another process. Therefore, it will take time,” Douglas added.
The move by the CAA to allow consumers to weigh their purchases also comes with the instruction for traders to use weighing scales that have been verified and approved by the Department of Measurement Units Standards and Services.

The move by the CAA has been made in order to avoid instances where adjustments and alterations are made to the scales.
Accordingly, the department, which also comes under the purview of the Ministry of Food Security, is in the process of conducting awareness programs among traders and shop owners, especially in the rural areas.

Accordingly, all traders have been instructed to use weighing scales approved by the department and renew the license periodically.
Assistant Director, Department of Measurement Units Standards and Services, G.D. Premasiri when contacted by The Nation Gain explained that all retailers and wholesalers have been instructed to conform to the requirements of the department and added that they were involved in conducting awareness among the traders on the importance of using a verified scale.

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