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Sri Lanka Insurance partners ‘Abimansala’

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Sri Lanka Insurance has partnered for the building of Abimansala, a series of care homes for the disabled war heroes of our country.
‘Abimansala’, laid its inaugural foundation on the banks of the Nuwara Wewa tank in Anuradhapura as a wellness resort for dependent war heroes and is now home for 52 dependent war heroes. The next ‘Abimansla 2’ was built at Wilpitawatta, Udumulla under the Athuraliya Divisional Secretariat providing life-long care to 48 war heroes in the South. The next in the series is Abhimansala-3, scheduled to be set up in Kurunegala and Abhimansala-4 in the Northern Province.

The Abimansala project is a brainchild of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The project is spearheaded and guided by the Secretary of Defense and Urban Development, Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the construction is carried out by Sri Lanka Army.
The centre provides round the clock care to the inmates. It is equipped with state-of-the-art services including medical laboratories, traditional herbal treatment facility, auditorium, sports facilities, entertainment and library facilities and also hydrotherapy and physiotherapy facilities. The war heroes are given the best medical and personal care for life. The centre is also equipped with swimming pool, gymnasium, physiotherapy unit, medical wing, medical laboratory, library, indoor stadium, entertainment hall, dining hall and an auditorium.

It is indeed touching to see the inmates gradually improve their lost skills under the careful guidance of teachers cum therapists. Memories have long left these heroes.
Sri Lanka Insurance, the nation’s insurance giant holds this project close to heart. Sri Lanka Insurance undertakes to enhance and uplift the environment within which it operates and consciously strive to bestow an important place for sustainability development.

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