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HVA Foods rubbishes pollution complaints

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Sri Lankan branded tea exporter, HVA Foods Plc on Friday warned its customers to be properly informed of jeopardizing campaigns carried out by self-proclaimed environmentalists that discourage investment in food security of Sri Lanka. Issuing a statement to the media, Chairman HVA Foods Plc, Rohan Fernando said that as there had been a significant rise in the number of patients recorded from agricultural districts of Sri Lanka, identified with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) directly connected to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weedicide – it had now reached an alarming point where agitation within government ranks have emerged in order to control these harmful chemicals entering our food chain,

However, in this backdrop the company claims that a foreign funded NGO, which is allegedly operating without proper legal base or even registration as a company, is campaigning against the HVA foods Plc, claiming that their ‘organic project’ is  environmentally harmful.

“The project undertaken by the Company has taken over 12 years to get the statutory approvals culminated by a Supreme Court direction to allocate land for the HVA organic project. It is also a pertinent fact that no political interference or influence was ever applied to get the project off the ground and the long time taken for the tedious process itself confirms this fact”, Fernando said.

The statement added that according to company investigations, the two key persons behind the scene had been identified as Sujeewa Chamikara and Thilak Kariyawasam.

“Calling themselves members of Sri Lanka Nature Forum is not a registered entity and is supported by a donor agency based in Germany, the HVA group alleges that the task of the aforementioned persons is to disrupt development projects in Sri Lanka, on the pretext of protecting the environment and instigating the people against companies and individuals involved in development projects and discourage investors in developing projects outside the western province, particularly in former conflict areas”.

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