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Singer Sri Lanka PLC partners ‘ZEUS’

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Singer Sri Lanka PLC, a member of the worldwide franchise Singer has entered into a strategic partnership with ‘ZEUS’, the social media marketing service of zMessenger.
‘ZEUS’ will be responsible for managing online presence of Singer Sri Lanka PLC, strategically executing social media campaigns across multiple channels.   

“Social media has changed the marketing landscape tremendously. Gone are the times that businesses had absolute control over the message and the medium. Now individuals are creating independent platforms to create conversation, conversations that are important for any business. And having a partner who specializes in creating and managing these dialogues are a critical element of the business”, said Marketing Director Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC Nasser Majeed.

CEO, zMessenger (Pvt) Ltd Ms. Jayomi Lokuliyana said, “We created ZEUS to help business grow through social media marketing by providing complete online marketing solutions. Our expertise will assist in bridging the gap in social media marketing by nurturing the relationship between the consumer and brand in real time”.

‘ZEUS’, is a dedicated division that specializes in the promotion of brands in various social media venues. ‘ZEUS’ primarily aims at not only providing the technical expertise in creating a platform for  social media but creating relevant content, distributing it through appropriate social media channels and engaging with your digital community to increase its online consumer base.  

zMessenger is one of the first companies to be granted direct gateway relationships with the country’s mobile carriers. zMessenger, the first to introduce SMS to media stations in Sri Lanka, has expanded the business rapidly by working closely with clients who wanted to learn about mobile and understand how to effectively reach and influence their consumers via the evolving, dynamic and ultra-personal mobile channel.  

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