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Markss sponsors medical camp

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“Tharunyayata Hetak” organization formed by its chairman Namal Rajapaksa, MP, Attorney-at-Law, to uplift the lives of youth in the country organized another medical camp in Gorakaduwa, Iththapana in the Kaluthara District recently. In this medical camp, more than 1,000 needy patients were diagnosed and treated for diabetes, high blood pressure and other general illnesses.

Markss Healthcare, a leading pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka, provided a fully automated blood pressure monitoring system with trained staff to operate the machine. This machine is one of the latest in the world and this helped the organizers to identify over 500 patients with hypertension and other related illnesses and was treated accordingly.

Project Minister for Ports and Highways Rohitha Abeygunawardene, Medical Director of ‘Tharunyayata Hetak’ Dr Chula Senaratne and delegates from Markss Healthcare graced the occasion. At this juncture Markss Healthcare pledged its assistance in providing quality medical and diagnosing facilities for specialized medical clinics organized by ‘Tharunyayata Hetak’ to achieve one of its main objectives, “Building a Healthier Nation”.

The spokesman of Markss Healthcare explaining his views on the sponsorship towards this worthy cause; “we consider this as an opportunity for our company because we always look for avenues to help the citizens of Sri Lanka in our CSR projects. The project organized by Tharunyayata Hetak was very remarkable because most of the patients we treated were beyond the poverty line.”

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