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DVB expands ATM network

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DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), one of Sri Lanka’s leading banks recently opened its network link of ATM’s giving customers the opportunity to withdraw money at zero cost from over 500 ATM’s spread throughout the island.
DVB recently added 69 ATM’s with the inclusion of Nations Trust Bank’s ATM’s into its network footprint which additionally includes ATM’s of DVB, Sampath Bank, NTB, Pan Asia Bank, HDFC and MCB.

The bank now offers customers using Vardhana Debit cards and Vardhana ATM cards access to their bank accounts 24 hours a day throughout all parts of the country at 500 ATM machines at zero cost withdrawals. Furthermore, Vardhana International Debit card holders will also be able to access their accounts from over 2300 Visa enabled terminals in Sri Lanka and also from over 3.1 million Visa enabled terminals worldwide.

The expansion of the bank’s ATM footprint is in-line with DVB’s commitment to providing superior banking services to its customers.

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