Wealth of the nation

Durability - Unspoken words are more durable than spoken words. Speeches - According to the above, it can be said that political speeches are meant for vanishing into thin air.

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A live film - She was looking at another, and not at me and acting before the cameras of his eyes. So, I got the rare chance of watching a live romantic film.

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Talking - I am talking because I have nothing to say. Writing - I am writing because I have nothing to write. Working - I am working because I have nothing to do.Well-being - Sarath Fonseka did it the right way. All others turned their imprisonment into hospitalization.

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Gods above presidency - Only gods are above the executive presidency. That is why Ranil suddenly went on pilgrimage to Sri Krishna Kovil in Kerala, some people say. Denim, Saree, Gown, UNP and SLFP - The most fierce fight is not between MaithrI and Mahinda or between any other two persons, but between the denim and the saree.

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Dr. Amarasekara is turning politics into a novel or short story. For MR politics is a teledrama. For Champika politics is a fairy tale. For Wimal politics is a folk tale. For RW politics is an absurd drama. For  Nimal Siripala politics is a court case. For Prof Nalin politics is an equation where unlike in mathematics he can obtain...

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Cemetery and the office - Do  not fear death. After all, the cemetery is a better place than the office. U and V - Uyangoda is much better than Viyangoda. Viyan - Viyangoda knows nothing and that is why he can talk endlessly. Wimal’s speech - A friend of mine asked, ‘What do you think about Wimal’s speeches?’ I said, ‘Beautiful, as attractive as...

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Our children and Port City - Our children, from kindergarten upwards, are learning to love a pencil case more than their motherland. This, however, is not the tragedy. This is exactly how we want them to grow up. When they grow up, they can become politician. In the very least they can find jobs in the Port City.

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Hawks and dogs
A hawk thinks, “If I am a dog I will not have to fly in this empty  sky. I’ll run through the jungles and over the meadows, hide in the bushes and swim in the rivers.” A dog thinks, “ If I am a hawk I’ll be as free as a bird and fly over the hills...

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Attachments - Beauty makes the world a nicer place, but our attachments to beautiful things mess things up. Government support - The government supported the National Freedom Party by remanding Shashi and helped the Frontline Socialist Party by trying to deport Kumar. The government seems to be very clever when it comes to supporting opposition parties.

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The secret - A flower is beautiful and attractive because it looks and smiles, but speaks not a word. Beautiful girls retain their beauty while they keep their mouths shut. Not a regime change, but regime reversal - We did not change a regime. We have merely turned it upside down.  We have affected a regime reversal. Earlier we had MR regime. Now we have RM regime. I mean Ranil Maithri regime.

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