Wealth of a New Nation

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(The great grandson of Adam Smith)
The secret
A flower is beautiful and attractive because it looks and smiles, but speaks not a word. Beautiful girls retain their beauty while they keep their mouths shut.

Not a regime change, but regime reversal
We did not change a regime. We have merely turned it upside down.  We have affected a regime reversal. Earlier we had MR regime. Now we have RM regime. I mean Ranil Maithri regime.

We are ready to die for the party. but not for the country. Now there are no citizens, but partisans or ‘party sons’.

Art of politics
One of my dramatist friends said that people in the field of arts had been divided into various groups. They only see the value of works of art done by the members or friends of their groups. By art they generally mean art by the members of their group. Other works of art by people outside their group are not works of arts for them. They consider themselves as artistes, but not others. They want to make arts their private property or own it without letting any other artiste even touch them. After describing the situation, he said to me that he did not believe there is art or there are artistes in this country. After listening to him it occurred to me it’s the same with politics in Sri Lanka. People want to make politics their private property and exclude all others from even touching it. Apart from the love for private properties or what they possess or want to possess, there is no art or politics in our country. All have understood their love for material things as politics or art.

As Wimal’s wife has been remanded in connection to a matter regarding the passports, it is definitely an international conspiracy.

The law of politics
For me MR, Ranil and Maithri are real leaders because I am not a politician. Just like a lawyer, a politician cannot take the side of truth. Like a lawyer a politician does not try to know or see the truth. A lawyer thinks about the arguments supporting his/her client who pays him/her. A politician is the same. Law is not a profession you can do with your conscience. Politics is the same. But anyone with a conscience becomes a traitor in the field of politics as it is a field that belongs to those who haven’t a conscience.

Acting actors
Sannasgala is playing the role played by Jackson in the last regime. Anyway Sannasgala is acting so cleverly that few can see that he is playing the role of Jackson. There are many such actors and actresses in the new government who have replaced the actors and actresses of the last regime. So, at most times we do not see regime change, but the same drama enacted by different actors.

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