Wealth of a New Nation

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(The great grandson of Adam Smith)

Beauty makes the world a nicer place, but our attachments to beautiful things mess things up.

Government support
The government supported the National Freedom Party by remanding Shashi and helped the Frontline Socialist Party by trying to deport Kumar. The government seems to be very clever when it comes to supporting opposition parties.

The challenge faced by Ranil
Ranil has been successful in keeping and ruling his party under his leadership. He has to prove that he can do so with regard to the whole country too.

Regime change
Saloon doors closed. Prison gate opened.

Sumanadasa and Wimal
Earlier Mahinda had depended on Sumanadasa Abe regarding his future. Now he depends on Wimal.

One way ticket or return ticket
Ranil was successful in sending Mahinda from Temple Trees to Madamulana. But will he be successful in preventing Mahinda returning from Medamulana to Temple Trees?

This government has successfully nationalized the international tribune for war crimes. For now.

Political behavior
When Wimal grows old, will he too behave the way Vasu is behaving today? Or is this the way all politicians behave? Vasu counts the number of votes he can get and is not worried about anything else.  Wigneswaran is also doing the same.

The foreign policy of India
Is India fishing in troubled waters?

One word for each participant
I say the number of words in the speech of Wimal at Good shed Bus stand is larger than the number of people who came for the rally.

Fish and Water
A fish cannot live without water, and Sri Lankans cannot live without Ethanol.

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