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Wealth of a New Nation

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(Wigneswaran claims there are two nations in Sri Lanka  AFP) (Wigneswaran claims there are two nations in Sri Lanka AFP)

Hawks and dogs
A hawk thinks, “If I am a dog I will not have to fly in this empty  sky. I’ll run through the jungles and over the meadows, hide in the bushes and swim in the rivers.” A dog thinks, “ If I am a hawk I’ll be as free as a bird and fly over the hills through the clouds, visit other countries and see the world; no one will run over me, I would be on top of the world.” Actually these birds and animals do not think that way. They are satisfied with their lot. It’s just us humans that think such things.

Only a frog can define heaven
A frog knows that its well is a better place to live than heaven or else he cannot find a better heaven.

Too early to decide
Who is the best? -- Mahinda, Basil or Gotabhya? I think it is still too early to decide.

Town as his own garden
Gotabaya considered the whole Colombo Town as his own garden, and wanted to keep it clean and beautiful. No one in the present government has such commitment to the city.

The JVP thinks bribery commission is its home now or else they cannot think any other service they can render for the country apart from visiting the place every day.

War crimes
Please  keep an eye on ‘College House,’ University of Colombo.  War crimes may be perpetrated there.

In the absence of Basil the Organizer, the Opposition has to depend only on Wimal’s rhetoric.

Eyes and eyes
We  have eyes, but we do not see that others have eyes too.

World of fools
You  can’t divide the world into intelligent and foolish people. People are generally fools. But they can control their foolishness it they take care.

War and competition
The   most fundamental human relationship in a society is competition. This competition develops into fights and fights, in turn, develops into wars. So, to prevent wars we have to put a stop to competition.

My utopian national government
Ranil, Sarath Fonseka, Gota, Nalin De Silva, Champika, Wimal, Anura, Sajith and Mangala, with Maithri as President and Mahinda as presidential advisor. I want Basil too as the Treasury Secretary though he is quite unpopular at the moment.

One country three nations
Wigneswaran claims there are two nations in Sri Lanka -- Sinhala and Tamil. A Tamil friend of mine says that there are three nations in Sri Lanka: the Tamil nation, UNP nation and Sri Lanka (SLFP) nation. I agree with my Tamil friend.  Tamil leaders are trying to turn the Tamil nation or community into a political party for their own gains. These three political parties (Tamil, UNP and Sri Lanka) are dragging our country towards disaster.

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