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Wealth of a New Nation

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By Andare Smith (The great grandson of Adam Smith)

Our children and Port City
Our children, from kindergarten upwards, are learning to love a pencil case more than their motherland. This, however, is not the tragedy. This is exactly how we want them to grow up. When they grow up, they can become politician. In the very least they can find jobs in the Port City.

Who can afford to lose a job in these global village times?
We cannot blame the SLFP MPs who accepted ministerial portfolios. They too want to be ministers until they die. MR too wanted to be president for life. Today we have such a tight or restricted economy that no one can afford to lose their jobs. Perhaps it is less a fault of the economy than it is our own fault. We are just not ready to sacrifice even though, strangely, so many patriotic films are being produced these days.

No agenda but agendas
There is no unity in the country today. So there is no chance of implementing a local agenda for the uplifting of the country. This means that foreign powers can implement their agendas easily. So China and India are more powerful in Sri Lanka than we, the voters, are. Our disunity is their strength.

The Field Marshal
The post of General was given to SF for giving leadership to the army in the war against terrorism. Field Marshall post was given to SF for the time he spent at Welikada Prison. So if Karannagoda too wants a promotion he too should spend three years in Welikada.

Second War
SF has won his second war, i.e. the war against the Rajapaksa brothers. So he is a hero at the moment. Anyway if SF and Rajapaksa brothers can unite, our country can get back on track again.

End Game
People play the games they are good at. For politicians it is a politically feasible game. So we cannot criticize SB and praise Dinesh or Gammanpila. No one is ready to accept defeat. So the games continue uninterrupted.

My advice
My advice to the people: keep away from politics and look after your own affairs. That is what true patriots can do at the moment.

A paragraph from the Adventures of Don Quixote
“A poet, it may be,” replied Don Lorenzo, “but a great one, by no means. It is true that I am somewhat given to poetry and to reading good poets, but not so much so as to justify the title of ‘great’ which my father gives me.”
“I do not dislike that modesty,” said Don Quixote; “for ‘there is no poet who is not conceited and does not think he is the best poet in the world’.’

“There is no rule without an exception,” said Don Lorenzo; “there may be some who are poets and yet do not think they are.”“Very few,” said Don Quixote; “but tell me, what verses are those which you have now in hand, and which your father tells me keep you somewhat restless and absorbed? If it be some gloss, I know something about glosses, and I should like to hear them; and if they are for a poetical tournament, contrive to carry off the second prize; for the first always goes by favor or personal standing, the second by simple justice; and so the third comes to be the second, and the first, reckoning in this way, will be third, in the same way as licentiate degrees are conferred at the universities; but, for all that, the title of first is a great distinction.”

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