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Wealth of a New Nation

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 The Elections Commissioner counts votes only on the day of election File photo The Elections Commissioner counts votes only on the day of election File photo

(The great grandson of Adam Smith)

Cemetery and the office
Do  not fear death. After all, the cemetery is a better place than the office.

U and V
Uyangoda is much better than Viyangoda.

Viyangoda knows nothing and that is why he can talk endlessly.

Wimal’s speech
A friend of mine asked, ‘What do you think about Wimal’s speeches?’ I said, ‘Beautiful, as attractive as a Bollywood or Bollywood film, they take us to a different world; but there is not much substance. The country, therefore, will never be as beautiful as Wimal’s speeches.’

If   you want to know the definition of foolishness or nonsense, listen to Viyangoda when he is on a live TV political program.

Voice balancing
I liked listening to Prof. Nalin except for the extra effort made to balance voice when he speaks. I see the same problem in Dr. Amarasekera. It implies some imbalance in their minds I feel.

Paddy Field Marshall
Our Field Marshal liberated the motherland from the LTTE and saved people from terrorists. Now we are in need of a Paddy Field Marshall who can liberate our motherland from arsenic containing fertilizer and poisonous pesticides and thereby save people from succumbing to kidney failure.

A language is a way of thinking. But we use languages without thinking and thereby get caught by the thinking or ideology related to that particular language. So do not lose your thinking when you use a language other than your mother tongue.

Chinese connection
In order to understand the Chinese, you have to learn the Chinese language. But Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. This is why China has become so powerful in the world today. Other people have less understanding about the Chinese people than Chinese people have about other people.

Our heritage
Sinhala is also difficult to learn language. This is a protection for us from the external powers. So preserving the mother tongue means preserving the nation.

The Elections Commissioner
The Elections Commissioner counts  votes only on the day of election, but politicians count them everyday and plan all actions accordingly.  They even attend funerals or weddings after assessing the votes up for grabs. This is why many politicians went to Rathgama recently.

Again from Don Quixote
“If all those who love one another were to marry,” said Don Quixote, “it would deprive parents of the right to choose, and marry their children to the proper person and at the proper time; and if it was left to daughters to choose husbands as they pleased, one would be for choosing her father’s servant, and another, someone she has seen passing in the street and fancies gallant and dashing, though he may be a drunken bully; for love and fancy easily blind the eyes of the judgment, so much wanted in choosing one’s way of life; and the matrimonial choice is very liable to error, and it needs great caution and the special favor of heaven to make it a good one. He who has to make a long journey, will, if he is wise, look out for some trusty and pleasant companion to accompany him before he sets out. Why, then, should not he do the same who has to make the whole journey of life down to the final halting-place of death, more especially when the companion has to be his companion in bed, at board, and everywhere, as the wife is to her husband? The companionship of one’s wife is no article of merchandise, that, after it has been bought, may be returned, or bartered, or changed; for it is an inseparable accident that lasts as long as life lasts; it is a noose that, once you put it round your neck, turns into a Gordian knot, which, if the scythe of Death does not cut it, there is no untying.

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