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What is politics?

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Dr. Amarasekara is turning politics into a novel or short story. For MR politics is a teledrama. For Champika politics is a fairy tale. For Wimal politics is a folk tale. For RW politics is an absurd drama. For  Nimal Siripala politics is a court case. For Prof Nalin politics is an equation where unlike in mathematics he can obtain any answer he wants and where he can use his chathuskotika too.

Opposition Leaders
Champika is now acting as an opposition leader to RM. Chandrika now is now acting as an opposition leader to Mahinda. Wimal is now acting as a opposition leader to Nimal.  Buddhadasa is acting as or trying to be an opposition leader to Wimal.

Field Marshall happiness
The Field Marshal is at the moment like a bird out of the cage so cheerful and so happy. Listen to him if you want to understand what happiness is. Look at him to understand what gaiety is. He is so happy today because he had undergone many miseries earlier.

In other countries, children attend Montessori before they go to school. But here in Sri Lanka the students enter the Montessori after the AL. University students are more childish in their behavior than Montessori children. Please note that I am not saying that university lecturers are more intelligent than Montessori teachers. After all Montessori teachers have the love, affection and respect of their students. They can control their students. So the worst Montessori is the university (in Sri Lankan).

JVP’s new guru
Anura Disanayaka has learnt much from Wimal Weerawansa.  The JVP has learnt much from him too. Though there are many conflicts with the government. Anura is still very much a part of it. Wimal did the same in the previous government.

Mahar  aja Gemunu is popular, at least in theaters.  But outside, Maharaja Mahinda is the most popular. I am not saying that this too is a film and is all about acting, by the way.

Cities and villages
Throughout the history of Sri Lankan universities, the most childish party of the particular time has secured power in student unions. One time it was Samasamaja, Another time it was Communist Party. After that it was JVP. Now it is Frontline Socialists. If one wants to find out the most childish immature party in a country look for the party which holds the power in campuses.  University students admire Kumar Gunaratnam more than village women admire Mahinda. I am not saying this is a tragedy, but this is the prevailing situation.

Naive Nirmals
Nirmal has launched the presidential campaign for Champika with Bahu, Viyangoda and others are supporting him. Champika is such a clever politician that he always got the best support and publicity from his opponents. The Nirmals of Sri Lanka are so naive that they actually act against their interests.

MR is going from village to village and MS is going from country to country. What a fate!

Bahu’s coat
Bahu wore a strange coat long before Modi did.  Unfortunately, no one has noticed.

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